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Online Brand Community Management

One of the most powerful online trends, showing an annual significant growth in the last years is of course about communities.

how can an online community boost your brand?

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44% of Americans are feeling lonely,
they crave for communities!


The amazing growth is associated with another growing need which is based on the fact that people today are feeling lonely than they have ever been, this is based on a recent study made by Cigna.

The study states that those who has daily interaction, suffer less from loneliness, this explains the huge and growing need in communities.

People are craving to communities while companies and brands have the great opportunity to communicate directly with their followers, increase brand loyalty and connect better with their needs.

Online Community management is the process of building, managing, monitoring and guiding your brand followers across diverse social media platforms towards your desired brand directions.

This objective is done through establish and promote a community related to your brand, products and benefits.


Developing such brand community, takes a lot of effort, time and resources, therefore it should be done in a professional manner from day one, with the right experts and technologies that can support the process of the community creation and afterward the campaigns, moderation, content, support, engagement, guidance and many other elements that can be achieved through this Brand community.

Building a community will soon become mandatory for creating successful brands.
This is because of 3 top reasons:​

Online brand community are often used as market place where you can promote current and new products. Taking in consideration the followers are already targeted as your direct audience, the achieved results can be simply great. The community manager will be able to offer you insights about hot discussions, most wanted products /services, debates and feedbacks about certain domains…all these will be helpful when you choose which products will be launched and promoted within the group. Communities can also amplify current promotions or launching that you will be engaging into and can act as a complete marketing funnel.

It is already known that loyal clients usually buy more and costs less. When you share know how, ideas, free services and open events with your current clients via your online community, you offer them added value as community members. This will foster their loyalty to your brand and usually will lead for them to recommend and engage new clients to join in(from similar target groups)

Since 84% of consumers finds personal reviews as trustworthy as a friend's recommendation, an online community around your brands and products can increase the trust in your brand and offer a constant discussion about it.

When using professional management tools to host such discussion, you can easily create positive sentiment around your brand, and alternately listen to your clients and reply when they are coming with feedback and ideas for improving your brand.

online communities build trust with your brand 

building a great relationship and increasing loyalty

increase sales


Choosing the right community platform

Choosing the right platform to manage your online brand / product community, can be a main factor to its success.

EVO community management team will help you in making the right decision.
The first stage in buildings a successful community is identifying the strategy and guidelines. 

What should you choose?
Here are some key factors before making a decision:


1. Free vs. owned platforms 
2. Knowing your audience and where they are

3. Copyrights and GDPR issues

4. Owning and developing your own data bases
5. Collecting data on the followers

6. Controlling negative sentiments by followers (block/delete notes etc)
7. The future of the platform owner (e/g- Facebook)



Defining the correct strategy guidelines for your online community 


Developing and posting daily content within the community , reply to members, chats and promote the community 


Choosing the platform, budgets, brand identity and goals


Optimize organically (and more) the community growth


Setting up the community, rules, inviting members and creating the vibe !


Generating content and events outside the community to support its growth and impact

Ready to start your own brand community?

Why should i choose evo ?

Because this is the ONLY place to get a complete Online marketing solution!


MCBA EVO services are not limited in single niche.
Our Online experts specialize in different domains within the online marketing arena,
allowing us to have a broader and deeper view for the right solutions that your company might need.

Zero Mistakes!

WELL...we aim for that! Everything is approved by you first. We develop a customized strategy for your business, and then following your approval, we provide you with the complete deliverables.

We develop the entire origin content and other media (Pictures, banners etc) while you need only to confirm it before launching. The entire process was built in a way which requires very little effort from the client in order to save you time!

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Affordable & Attractive Pricing

Our operational structure provides you with the opportunity to spend your budget wisely and with NO surprises, focusing only on the channels required. We don’t require you to pay for high retainer fees, but for the true operating costs of the services provided.

We pay attention to have no hidden or extra costs as we know exactly what your true needs are. 

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We persistently analyze the key performance indicators while we look at your followers, engagement and website traffic.

All 3 of these metrics influence sales in the long-term. These metrics will be increasing monthly, and we will track our progress so we can develop it further.

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Managing your Online Social Media channels for Real Results. Using our state-of-the-art technologies to develop your market exposure, accurate target audience, special content, brand leverage and highly increase your lead generation & sales.

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EVO experts will develop a complete solution for employer branding, brand management and retention for you. With the support of our technologies, we can bring you the visibility and engagement, improving your recruitment process and increasing your leads/candidates.

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EVO content marketing services will increase website traffic from your online marketing channels. Our content writers will create relevant content to engage your audience, build trust, and influence purchasing decisions.



Social Sweepstakes is the fastest way to engage fans on Facebook and grow your email database. EVO will enable your businesses to run promotional sweepstakes or a giveaway campaign and our automation tech will grant you a great database to incentive all your followers and to convert them from leads to sales!

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EVO brings you the future of content advertising! We optimize your content and keywords, drive traffic to your site, blog or video and develop a client base, creating higher conversion rates. Spend wisely your advertising budget on a result-proven social media strategy, created by EVO experts and improved by our unique tech!

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We efficiently develop an online marketing strategy and customize it for your specific needs. Our experts will analyze your brand, your customers and the market, to make sure your sales will increase exponentially.

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Original content in the form of an article or blog is one of the most convenient ways to market your company and services on the internet. Through continuous analysis & development, original content and targeted promotion, EVO will increase your exposure to new clients and bring back the “cold” ones.

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We increase your pre-sale possibilities by improving one of the key factors of online marketing: WEBINARS. We use our AI technologies and experts to turn your webinar attendees into qualified leads.

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Build great relationships, increase loyalty and sales! EVO Online Community management is the process of building, managing, monitoring and guiding your brand followers across diverse social media platforms towards your desired brand directions.

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Attract and retain new customers, generate leads and encourage purchases with EVO’s Social Media Coupon. Our service combines the proven impact of coupons with the viral reach of social media – turning your social followers into clients with real active roles.

Our trusted services and actionable results have helped many companies along the years:

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