Gain control on the Market

competitors monitoring

Our Artificial intelligence crawlers and data collection software will collect real-time data, all over the web, about your competitors, their online activity, online sentiment and other valuable information that will allow you to benchmark your brand against any competitors and achieve a market leading position.

You will be able to understand their marketing strategy, strength and weaknesses and act upon them.


Competitors' monitoring is an essential element for any company of any size.

Start monitor your Competitors

24/7 Competitors' monitoring is essential to your brand 
Monitoring the actual performance of your competitors, in real time, is an essential element in reaching success for your brand
Great monitoring together with using EVO technologies will help you optimize the performance each and every month, in order to achieve greater results  
Find out where and when your competitors are advertising
Understand and follow your competitors' strategy
Follow your competitors' performance on social media and compare it to your operations so you can achieve the right leverage

We maintain a rigorous process and sharp focus on what matters, to ensure your success

Increase Reviews

Get much more positive reviews for your business in the media channels that matter to you the most

Recover unhappy Clients

Reach unhappy clients before they submit an online negative review about your business. Have the ability to recover them

Monitor Performance

Collect important data, in order to optimize your campaigns and media appearance

Amplify happy Clients

Show the public your best reviews and recommendations made by your clients through a fully automated process

Our trusted services and actionable results have helped many companies along the years:

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