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EVO hospitality

NO, it's not magic, but we do have daily parties around special achievements we manage to reach each and every day!


Integrating creative content with powerful technologies actually

DOES bring results!

Are you looking to grow your brand locally and globally?
We are here to directly reach your audience and generate dental leads for your company
with unique technologies and automation tools

MCBA EVO’s experts are operating on all social media channels, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

We identify the right operational steps for your company to reach its targets. 

Check out how we are doing that!

The big elephant in the room?
We don't have that!

We are ready and happy to talk about results and success!

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All I want for Christmas are…leads, clicks, and reach!
How did we generate
979 leads? 

The winter holidays are a goldmine for a marketeer: they provide the perfect context to express creativity, launch new campaigns, and boost the strategy to a cheerful and eggnog-bewitched audience.
Social Media has become a winter wonderland itself, with how-to-wrap-the-perfect gifts and top-5-new-years-eve-items-you-must-have, but one thing is crystal clear: the opportunity lies around each scroll and swipe.

I have a dream – to stop my dependency on booking online websites!

When our client, the founders of a premium ski hotel, came to us last year, they had a significant request – to become discounted of their dependency on the online booking sites. The leading websites create an impossible situation, and even though they make the excellent flow of guests, they cut the profit margin of the hotel by 20-50%, a condition that affected the whole business dramatically, as such our client had a significant wish – to have an autonomic reservation system and a constant flow of guests. Both can be delivered by the technologies and deliverables of EVO, while the only question mark was - what will be the lead cost.

We have agreed that the lead costs can vary between 10-25€/ lead, as these were the costs they managed before starting to work with EVO.

Step 1:

Understand the guest’s journey

Before jumping into generating leads…we must ask ourselves: what happens when you are looking for real Winter Wonderland, somewhere in the snowy mountains, for a dreamy winter escape with your family? You search for the best hotel in your area! This is all about building a winning funnel, purely based on amazing copywriting and materials that will stimulate potential guests to consider our hotel!

And so, it begins our one month-half long campaigns for two of the most exciting holidays of the year: Christmas and New Year’s.

Our client had the ideal location - a four-star, premium hotel, and resort in the spectacular snowy mountains. Considering the current international situation and that people plan their vacation just a few weeks prior, we needed to go beyond the typical campaigns and go the extra mile. And so, we did.

Our first goal was to build awareness of the two offers in more stages. The first thing we did was to, obviously, define the audience. We knew that we had to focus on families with children and people looking for a quiet, sweet moment to relax for Christmas. Therefore, we optimized the audiences to fit the selected persona. Things were different for New Year’s: we focused on a younger audience looking to have a luxurious experience and glamourous parties in a four-star mountain resort.


The uppermost stage of our campaign was awareness. In our long experience, we have reached the conclusion that if you want a big impact, you must start in a dynamic way – with an attractive video. The potential customers are drawn into this stage and get informed for the first time about the amazing offers.

Videos can simply work for you

Alpin case study.png

We created multiple types of content: videos, carousels, single images, stories, with relevant, attractive messages in which we presented the benefits of choosing the hotel for a perfect holiday, accompanied by a strong CTA. The content was distinctive for each campaign, from the tone and messages delivered (more family-friendly for Christmas and more luxurious-oriented for New Year’s).   


What have we noticed? The videos of the artists that performed at the hotel, of the delicious menu and an inviting slide of the SPA they have, were a success for the awareness of the campaign. A video of one of the artists managed to accumulate over

543,351 impressions and 262,000 video views in an average cost of 0.0010€, counting a total budget of 550€ only!

262,000 Video views

Alpin case study (2).png

543,531 Impressions

Step 2:

A brilliant funnel tells the whole story for you!

The second goal was to generate clicks. In a single-image, last-minute post, we generated 15,750 clicks in an average cost of 0,13€ per click!

The clicks marked a crucial stage as the pillar to retarget any clients who clicked the posts or the linked keeping them as “hot” clients.

Alpin case study (3).png

15,750 Clicks

0,13 Euro/click

Step 3

Ready, steady – generate leads!

Following two weeks of promoting videos and click ads’, creating audiences, and generating engagement with EVO technologies, we were ready to move towards the next step – generating leads, as we already had extensive AI data to target EXACTLY and directly the potential guests looking to book NOW their new year pack


After years of experience in generating leads, we already knew the formula for the best results – but this time, it was with a twist: we created two complexes, parallel campaigns, for two different offers, Christmas offer and New Year’s offer for our lovely hotel. And the results speak for themselves…


Our leads campaign were running simultaneously and optimized in real-time.

Our goal was to generate quality leads, so we created a unique form for each offer. The potential clients left their email address, telephone number, and full name (also creating a database for future campaigns!).

Using AB TESTING ad our unique lead generating AI tools, we create several ads.

Alpin case study (5).png

The Facebook carousel and the single image posts performed the best in this campaign stage. The New Year Carousel itself generated 552 leads, with over 3,820 clicks in the timespan of just ten days.

Both carousels, for New Year and for Christmas were huge successes. And after we built awareness and sparked interest, it was time to generate leads – using the very “swipeable” and attractive carrousels, accompanied by a special form for the customer’s information.

The carousel contained pictures from the hotel, showing amazing services of the hotel as well as a small spoiler of their future experience as guests. We updated the sales team from the hotel with the hot leads every single day because we know that time is money, and that people, can change their minds in the blink of an eye.

Alpin case study (4).png

But the most amazing fact was the lead price standing on less than 1€ per lead – to be accurate – 0.88€ only per lead! That was an excellent reminder to check what was our original budget – standing on 10-25€ per lead… presenting an impressive budget reduction of 2850%!!

Some golden nuggets? We didn’t agglomerate the page’s feed with all the posts from the campaign – just a few. We followed the monthly posting plan during the campaign, presenting the hotel from different angles and showing our audience glimpses of their experience as guests.

We also prepared some last-minute reminders, generating 161 leads, with over 1,380 clicks in just four days.

Alpin case study (7).png
Alpin case study (8).png
Alpin case study (8).png

Conclusion…Santa was a giver this year


The season to be jolly was rich in results. We at EVO managed to create two successful parallel campaigns for our client. All we needed was our long-build experience, a well-thought strategy, creative content, and, of course, a little heart put into it. But the story is not to be continued because in just 356 days, Christmas is back again, and we are more than ready to create even more successful campaigns for our dear clients.


website evo (26).png
website evo (26).png
website evo (41).png

case study b2C/B2B

brand awareness & engagement

In a super competitive market, one of the leading car rental companies identified the need to differentiate itself and not offer better prices (since they couldn't!)

The EVO team created a new vision by suggesting inspirational content and travelling know-how as the added value to their readers. 
We created a direct communication channel, including storytelling about new places, travel adventures, and testimonials from clients, shifting the page from a purely commercial one (offering discounts) to a vibrant travelling portal. 

We managed to increase their visibility in ratios they couldn't imagine and in tiny budgets, through daily active Facebook and Instagram pages!

One of the primary examples is how we generated engagement using the EVO ad optimizer platform in minimal budgets per day.  
Every post we have created has been promoted through this technology daily, for 3 days, targeting to increase the reach and engagement rates in the long term.

The results are not only impressive but also they also create the needed consistency for such a leading brand, supporting their need to maintain their positive sentiment among current and future clients 

We applied the EVO technologies: 
EVO ads optimizer platform.png


case study b2C engagement FOR LUXURY HOTEL

For our client, a luxury hotel in a popular mountain area, their goals were to create reach and engagement through that a better visibility and awareness of their brand. Our expert strategy team created a bespoke plan, featuring a hybrid content strategy that matched their target audience.


This included direct posting about offers and strategic content at the hotel, along with softer posts (such as quotes, memes, tips, etc.) to trigger engagement from the potential target audience.

Once we started to post, we could easily track which were the posts that brought better visibility and engagement using the Evo Real-time Reporting & Monitoring Tools. One of the posts we built on the insights gained through monitoring and learning about our audience reached record results in only a few days:

     almost 25,000 users reached
     over 3,000 engagements
     over 2,000 likes 

How did we do this? We combined the nostalgic view of a top touristic attraction with relevant deals from the hotel, portrayed in a friendly, catchy style. Perfect concept with flawless execution... with only 10 Euro/day! 

We applied the EVO technologies: 
Evo case studies.png
EVO ads optimizer platform.png
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