EVO - Positive Review Booster® 
For the Healthcare industry



77% of Healthcare patients turned to online reviews before selecting a physician or a medical service.

EVO-Positive Review Booster® technologies will boost the number of 4 & 5 stars reviews on your site and social media

The best thing about online reviews is that they don’t cost you anything.
With the right management and technologies we will keep boosting positive reviews from your clients every day when you task will be simply to maintain a constant presence online while highlighting the great review your guest are giving you!

The less happy clients, will be channeled into your email so you can answer and take care of them before they appear online

Why positive reviews are so essential to your business?


 Rapid Evolution

When choosing a physician, an increasingly number of patients are interested in turning to online review sites. An article from the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that 59% of the public felt that online rating sites were either somewhat important or very important in choosing a physician.

Recent data indicates that this trend continues to grow, showing that 77% of patients turned to online reviews before selecting a physician.

EVO - Positive Review Booster® empowers professionals and facilities by aggregating reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, RateMDs, Vitals, HealthGrades, and other sources into a single, manageable Reviews Inbox and dashboard.


Better Reviews Connected to Better Outcomes

The data show a clear correlation between patients' satisfaction with their healthcare and improved health outcomes in a paper published in Academic Medicine. They also claimed that a lower rate of malpractice lawsuits coincides with more satisfied patients.

Hospitals, health care centers, doctors, dentists, and other professionals need to actively monitor all customer review sources, in order to maintain the value of their reputations and to assure an active flow of communication with patients.

The formula is simple: 

More positive reviews = More clients!

Positive reviews are simply working for you

EVO - Positive Review Booster®:
  • An A-z management to collect reviews from your clients
  • Customized emails & SMS
  • Optimized methods based on our experience to increase reviews submission
  • Channeling the positive reviews to the chosen media – social media, directory, reviews sites or hospitality sites
  • Channeling unhappy clients to your email box
  • EVO technology support the leading review websites

EVO - Positive Review Booster® support the leading Healthcare Review sites

(additional Review sites can be added by the EVO team)