EVO - Positive Review Booster® 
For the Hospitality industry



"Most Travelers (88%) filtered out hotels with less than 3 Stars rating"


EVO-Positive Review Booster®  technologies will boost the number of 4 & 5 stars reviews on your site and social media

The best thing about online reviews is that they don’t cost you anything.
With the right management and technologies we will keep boosting positive reviews from your clients every day when you task will be simply to maintain a constant presence online while highlighting the great review your guest are giving you!

The less happy clients, will be channeled into your email so you can answer and take care of them before they appear online

Why positive reviews are so essential to your business?


 79% of travellers will read between 6 - 12 reviews before making a purchase decision

In a world full of confusing choices…your potential clients are checking (and in more than 1 channel) everything they can learn about your business before booking their order.

Once you have some positive reviews that you can be proud of, then the next task is to distribute them to as many channels as possible, including social media, so that potential clients will find the important information and proceed with their order.

The formula is simple: 
More positive reviews = More clients!
Positive reviews are simply working for you


Take control over your review channels

Review sites like TripAdvisor have long been the primary source for hotel and travel destination reviews.

They have collected an astounding collection of customer feedback (claiming “500 million+ unbiased traveler reviews”).

Facebook and other social media sites were the next large review sources, requiring providers to bulk up their customer service teams to manage social media channels.

Google is not letting this opportunity pass without a fight. Google Local Guides are being encouraged to write reviews, answer questions, and take photos of locations. Many national and international chains are now receiving well over 1,000 Googles local reviews per day.


Manage unhappy clients

The importance of managing also negative reviews and unhappy clients is nevertheless high as getting positive reviews, as well.
With EVO technologies you will be able to optimize your control over unhappy clients and channel negative reactions and feedback into your email box, BEFORE they submit it online.

4 out of 5 believe that a hotel that responds to reviews cares more about its customers.
In order to achieve the trust, your online activity and monitoring of the reviews, with EVO - Positive Review Booster® support, will be leveraged to a maximum level.

Working with hospitality providers of all kinds and sizes of we know very well -

It is possible to generate a positive review from a negative sentiment – the main key to this successful process is to ANSWER the clients but also to manage it offline, without other client’s / comments involvement.

EVO - Positive Review Booster®:
  • An A-z management to collect reviews from your clients
  • Customized emails & SMS
  • Optimized methods based on our experience to increase reviews' submission
  • Channeling the positive reviews to the chosen media – social media, directory, reviews sites or hospitality sites
  • Channeling unhappy clients to your email box
  • EVO technology supports the leading hospitality websites

EVO - Positive Review Booster® support the leading Travel & Hospitality Review sites

(additional Review sites can be added by the EVO team)