Gain control on your  Brand reviews

negative review solutions

Unhappy clients like to share their voice and influence other clients around the net.

In today’s reality, the majority of your potential clients are making decisions based on your online reviews as well filter out service providers with an average of less than 3 stars.

Negative reviews have a major effect on your business!


With EVO Artificial intelligence crawlers and data collection software will collect real-time data, all over the web, about negative reviews or other negative sentiment data related to your Brand. The continuous process allows you to identify negative sentiment that can cause harm to your brand, while customers are researching for more data on your company and services.


Our unique solution, is also offering you a simple path to increase your positive reviews and reduce the effectiveness of the negative ones

Through different technological solutions, we identify the problem, target it with a suitable solution and eliminate the negative sentiment. 

Start resolve your negative reviews

EVO negative review solutions help you to: 
Our technology operate in different online layers that provide you the possibility to resolve different negative reviews / brand crisis
Increase number of REAL positive reviews
Amplify the voice of your happy clients
Reduce the visibility of your negative reviews around the net
Find out where and when your clients are talking about you and your services
React immediately to negative sentiment in case of negative review
Tackle the negative source and keep your positive presence in-front of other followers

We maintain a rigorous process and sharp focus on what matters, to assure your success

Get much more positive reviews for your business and in the best media channels that matters to you.

Increase Reviews

Reach unhappy clients before they submit online a negative review on your business. have an ability  to recover them.

Recover unhappy Clients

Collect important data to optimize your campaigns and media appearance

Monitor Performance

Show to the public your best reviews and recommendations made by your clients with fully automated process

Amplify happy Clients

Our trusted services and actionable results have helped many companies along the years: