EVO - Positive Review Booster® 
For the Real-Estate industry



76% of consumers indicated that ratings and reviews are one of the most important aspects of an apartment search

EVO-Positive Review Booster®  technologies will boost the number of 4 & 5 stars reviews on your site and social media

The best thing about online reviews is that they don’t cost you anything.
With the right management and technology, we will continue to raise your clients ' positive reviews every day when your job is simply to maintain a consistent online presence while showcasing the great feedback your guest is giving you!

The less happy clients will be channeled into your email so you can answer and take care of them before they appear online

Why positive reviews are so essential to your business?


 Purchases, Sales & Rentals

It's not surprising that when looking for support to buy or sell a home, consumers actively consider the reputation of real estate professionals. The right agent can be critical to the successful execution of what is often the largest transaction in one’s life.

The apartment rental market is seeing the fastest growth in the number of reviews and the importance of average rating stars and renter comments to get a genuine feel for what it's “really like to live there”.

The formula is simple: 
More positive reviews = More clients!
Positive reviews are simply working for you


Reviews are essential for your differentiation 

The typical experience in the real estate & rental realm is seldom to get a rating or complaint, though disgruntled tenants can be quite "vocal" to explain the issues with their house, the management company and even the landlord to potential renters.

Businesses that take a proactive approach to reputation management can gain a competitive advantage by collecting even a small number of 4-Star and 5-Star reviews.

Get positive reviews, improve your local search presence and reputation through EVO Positive review booster.

EVO - Positive Review Booster®:
  • An A-z management to collect reviews from your clients
  • Customized emails & SMS
  • Optimized methods based on our experience to increase reviews submission
  • Channeling the positive reviews to the chosen media – social media, directory, reviews sites or hospitality sites
  • Channeling unhappy clients to your email box
  • EVO technology support the leading review websites

EVO - Positive Review Booster® support the leading Real-estate & rental Review sites

(additional Review sites can be added by the EVO team)