Positive Review Process

EVO Positive Review Booster®

Customer reviews are the most effective marketing channel you can apply for your company, affecting directly 84% of the customers



EVO Positive Review Booster®

EVO Positive Review Booster® will make your customers spread the good word about your business for you!
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We automate your ability to Acquire, Monitor and Amplify Customer Reviews and provides an easy and polite way to ask and remind customers to review your business on the sites that matter to you.

Our state-of-the-art proprietary software is specifically designed to optimize and distribute your business information quickly across the Internet to increase your visibility where ever and whenever a customer is searching for your products or services and at the same time attracts clients to review your company in a positive way. To achieve these goals we defined a unique and effective process to boost your positive reviews:

DIRECTING - Systematically directing customers to the accurate locations that route them to the review sites you care about.

GUIDE - Guide unhappy customers to an internal service recovery, allowing you to resolve the situation internally, privately and confidentially.

CONTINUOUS EFFECTIVENESS - Automatically ask, remind and guide customers through the process with email, text and other campaigns.

MONITORS - see results with beautiful monthly reports that demonstrate reputation improvement alongside actionable insights into campaign data

MAGNIFY – Choose which reviews you wish to stream to your website or share on social media, or have them automatically streamed /shared according to your criteria

Increase your 5 stars reviews

offers your business a greater chance to present 4-5 stars reviews that will help you promote your business!

The 1-3 stars are channelled into your system so you can take care of them internally, so you can avoid them being published online.  


Maximize your activity and Get a second chance with unhappy customers

Our fully automated software proactively collects and uses feedback from all of your customers.

  • Activate happy customers to share the good word where it matters

  • Reach unhappy clients before they submit an online negative review about your business.

  • Give your team the time and intel to turn around a negative customer experience around.

Amplify the voice
of your Happy customers

  • Stream the latest and greatest reviews to show the social proof on websites and sales channels

  • Share positive reviews as compelling and automated social media content.

  • Showcase reviews in SEO-friendly mark-up on-site to drive visibility in search


Management Centre for all of your customer reviews and activity

EVO - Positive Review Booster® is the first and only method for managing and transforming local feedback into a business-friendly and effective marketing channel.

it's is actually A single “Management Centre” for all of your customer reviews and activity.

You can manage and use customer reviews from all-around the Web and Cover all of the third-party publishers that matter to your business domain.

Build your reputation and visibility on your own social media channels and listing.

Automate multi-channel review request campaigns

This is the most effective and flexible review acquisition system, no matter how many business locations you have.


The EVO team will manage all the technical elements for you to drive a more positive review and allow you to focus on your business activities.


We keep a rigorous process and a keen focus on what matters to ensure your performance

Increase Reviews

Get much more positive reviews for your business and in the best media channels that matter to you the most.

Increase the number of Reviews.

Recover unhappy Clients

Reach unhappy clients before they submit an online negative review about your business. have the ability to recover them.

Recover the unhappy Clients.

Monitor Performance

Collect important data to optimize your campaigns and media appearance.

Monitor the Performance.

Amplify happy Clients

Show the public your best reviews and recommendations made by your clients with our fully automated process.

Amplify the number of happy Clients

what makes us different?


Since launching EVO Positive Review Booster®, our proprietary software has consistently collected up to 85 times more ratings and positive reviews for our clients than our competitors have - all without any paid ads, contests or special incentives.
Working rigorously for the benefit of our clients, we are setting new market standards, testing new ideas and opening new distribution channels in order to help our clients collect and display as many positive reviews and quality customer
ratings reviews as possible. 

Our trusted services and actionable results have helped many companies along the years:

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