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Are you happy with the sales performance within your company? Most company owners will probably say – No!
However, taking a step towards a new strategy is always a hard decision and the first mandatory step is having a correct sales analysis and identifying the concrete sales strategy to move ahead while reducing the risks


As we are a part of a full service advisory firm, we combine the online and offline in a synergistic way and can provide you with a complete sales analysis and strategy development for your personnel and sales team.


We provide you with an expert view on how your sales can get better!

Boost your SALES !!

Our sales analysis & strategy service is provided by top SALES EXPERTS, having more than 20 years of experience in different sales operation. Each one of our experts has the capacity to analyze your business results and point out WHAT can be done better, and HOW to do that.
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The sales strategy, we have built for our clients, have been proven as ones that has an immediate affect and promote a fast growth, in the same time we are great believers in testing each sale plan in steps and modifying it in according to the results.

The EVO sales platform helps companies in all domains and industries as it is based on individual analysis procedures and the optimize customized solution for each and every company.

  • We work alongside the company’s sales and marketing department to understand the goals of the business and the challenges met in obtaining success. Through this process, we analyze the existing sales strategy to determine what is generating revenue for the company and what isn’t.

  • As a part of this service, we focus on the Sales Cycle as it pertains to the client’s existing business model from prospect through account maintenance. We believe historical data analysis is vital to determining where the company is going from where it has been. To achieve the company’s goals, we will guide the client in developing their own sales and marketing communication strategy.

  • Together, we will execute the sales and marketing strategy and measure its results

Define your Sales Strategy!

EVO sales Analysis & Strategy services

focuses on 3 elements: 

setting targets

We work alongside your company’s sales department to understand the goals of the business and the challenges met in obtaining success. Through the process, we firstly analyze the existing sales strategy within your firm, to determine what is generating revenue to the company and what isn’t.

optimization of the sale cycle

We follow the Sales Cycle of your company in order to determine where the company’s critical points for optimization are. Based on that we create clear and concrete strategies for the next steps.
The strategies are actually sales campaigns (e.g. - leads generation, follow up’s strategies, sales proposal philosophy, etc.)

clear strategic guidelines!

We provide clear strategic guidelines and KPI’s along with sales protocols so that the sales department will be able to perform exactly as planned and the management will be able to monitor the success of each new step.

Why do you need EVO Sales Analysis & Strategy Services?
  1. It will help you with understanding WHY the sales department does not perform as you wish them to. 

  2. Sales analysis is a great tool to check what the competitors are doing and compare it to your sales actions.

  3. Our expert will create an optimized sales strategy which combines the analysis and the review by a team of experts focused only on your needs and goals.

  4. An efficient sales strategy includes also tools that were not used before at your firm.

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