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Having great marketing & sales strategy is very important, however the sales results are often based on the actual meeting points of the sales agent and the potential clients.


Our goal is to develop continuous learning solutions that contributes for a positive change behaviors and enhance the effectiveness of your sales organization


As we are a part of a full service advisory firm, we combine the online and offline in a synergistic way and can provide you with a complete sales analysis and strategy development for your personnel and sales team.

Let us manage your Sales !!

Together with our sales force training experts

identify targets

We identify the best sales practices for your company.

evaluate talents

We evaluate sales talents within your firm.

live sales training!

We develop skills and practice methods through customized, live, practical sales training.

performance tools

We sustain the learning process while using sophisticated performance support tools

long lasting results

We drive rapid implementation and provide long lasting results.

Throughout the years we have been training thousands of sales agents all over the world, generating success and achieving sales growth

The path of success is following different points for an optimized sales process within your company , when each one of the elements requires a deep understanding  and experience in order to achieve the optimized results

Define your Sales Strategy!

Why do you need EVO Sales Training Services?
  1. Training your workforce increase motivation and loyalty to your organization

  2. Investing in your workers via quality training reduce the personnel changeover 

  3. Quality training is a proven method to optimize the sale results 

  4. Outsourcing the training by an expert company, saves time & money 

  5. Exposing your sales force to new trends & sales methods can be done only by experts who are constantly  updated by the market trends.

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