Google Chrome is launching a new ad’s blocking mechanism

GOOGLE new ad's block

Google Chrome is planning a big change within the website ads domain. A few days ago, Google announced that will build an ad-blocker for Chrome, designed to abolish some of the annoying ads and push website owners to stop using them. Fortunately, Google will not stop all of them, but will block all ads that violate the standards that they have.

Why google is doing that ? Google is planning to block pop-up ads, large sticky ads, auto-play video ads with sound, and ads that appear on a site with a countdown blocking you before the content loads. If you take an objective look, this will be a great change for usual users, but for company owners who are promoting their products/services is not a very good thing.

What do we do now ?....

  • Create very qualitative content – people show interest in ads that seems to fold on their needs or has a catchy title. Their search more for information and then for products.

  • Don’t be aggressive – even before Google implemented this feature, we all knew that being aggressive is not an option. If your ad is somewhere in the corner and related to their previous search, it will be more likely for them to enter your link.

  • Target your audience – besides the fact that is a waste of money to invest in every site that comes handy and looks affordable, you can never reach your target audience. Set a niche and follow it. In this way you can be sure that you reach your wanted audience.

  • Opt for professionals. Yes, you read well. Since Google and other sites implemented these algorithms and rules, it began to be harder and harder to promote yourself in the online area. EVO Team owns high end technologies that will make your job easier by creating high quality content, targeting your audience, getting you only positive reviews and boosting your sales – with a very small budget.

If you want to slip among all these new changes, contact EVO and you won’t even sense that online area is overwhelming.

Read more about our Google adwords service here

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