8 questions to ask a new social media agency before you hire them

Whether you are a B2B or B2C, admit it or not, social media became vital in every company’s marketing plan. Getting closer to your target audience, create a new target client base and bring direct leads to your websites, all are relevant targets which are related to firstly creating great social media management.

The challenge starts when in most of the cases, company owners are too busy to handle themselves this important task, and when they do hire a marketing manager to do that, they don’t always get the desire results. Marketing is a general term and social media require expertise and other technological solution to reach the desired results. When you start digging into the task you will rapidly identify that social media is about managing more than one channel (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and more), creating content, design the visual, scheduling, replying to fans, monitoring, optimizing…so many tasks that requires know how and experience. At this stage, usually you will start contacting social media marketing agencies to help you in this task, or simply to outsource totally the social media management.

What should I ask my social media management agency before choosing one?

If you consider it’s time to contact a social media marketing agency to help you with the online presence of your brand, you need to know exactly what to ask. Like in any other investment, it has to be a good choice that will help you gain more exposure and reach more markets and clients.

To reach to the ideal company that is right for you, you have to make a clear target list, with everything you aim to develop and the communication type you want to have with that company.

To ease up the process, we built for you a short “check list” of the main questions you should ask when hiring a social media management company or an agency:

1. Will you create my social media strategy and VIBE?

Everything starts with a brilliant strategy right? The first step is to understand and agree on the guidelines and the branding “dictionary” for your company’s services and products. It’s not only about the provided service, but also about understanding and adopting your brand voice. According to that, the chosen provider can provide you the best social media strategy in order to grow the brand. The social media strategy is essential in social media as the content shared has to please the audience, but also respect the branding guidelines and vibe (colors, tone, languages, timing, # and more). Also, you need to know on what social media platforms you need to be – they can also advise you on that.

2. How will you measure the success?

When you hire a social media agency, you don’t just “take your hands off”, but you must also be involved in what’s happening online and how it’s performing, especially in the first few months of your collaboration. In order to know what is happening, you have to be sure that a specialist is watching carefully, updates you and stays active – therefore, it is better to ask for a daily monitoring service, on that is done with social media analytics tools. At the end of the month, you have to know how everything performed, if the numbers have increased, if the content created engagement and to which target audience you managed to get the best exposure. Of course, there will be more data in the analytics, according to what strategies you applied that month. These monthly reports will help you understand better you public and create the content accordingly. Getting monthly reports is one of the most essential elements in the success of this collaboration. Agreeing on the KPI’s will help you to keep a track of your results each and every month.

3. Who will talk with the fans?

If you’re in this game, you have to play on all the fronts in order to win. People can send a lot of messages to a popular page and this is why you need someone to be exclusive on that. To be sure you don’t hire anyone else, check if the social media agency, you’ve reached has this option included and what exactly they will do in each case – for example – will they hide a negative reply, how fast they need to answer within the chat box etc.

4. Which social media channels to choose and how many posts per week?

Depending on your business domain and the audience you want to reach, the social media agency will recommend the best channels for you. After that, they will have to recommend you what is the best posting routine for you and apply it. According to the number of posts per month established, the agency will have to provide them. The most efficient method is based on a posting plan personalized on your services and vibe that is provided each month in a document (grid plan - social media calendar) with the all posting details, so that you can go over it and confirm. In this way you will have full control over the content that is shared online and won’t take so much of your time.

5. Who will handle the post’s designs?

“The provider said I should hire a graphic designer” - this is becoming more and more common recently…

As no post is good without some great visuals, you must be the agency will be also the one that will be in charge of the designing of each and every post. Pay attention that when it is about more than one social media channel, also the visual has to be optimized to the relevant channel. Instagram and LinkedIn pictures are not the same one nor in size and in style…There are other advertising restrictions that need to be implemented to avoid the post being un-approved or to have a reduced engagement rates.

6. How often will you post on my social media?

The posting routine (both in number and timing) plays a very important role because it has to reach the right people, at the right moment. This is something you should consider when choosing a social media service pack in order to optimize every month the posting time.

The correct combination between number, timing and channel will define the level of success together with the posting quality. All these elements have to be monitored with the right technologies no matter the size of the business you have!

7. Will you do my advertising campaigns?

Engagement used to be great, but in these days, since the social media algorithms are continually changing and the organic reach is becoming more and more difficult to get, you should opt for of company who knows the art of advertisement. They should optimize the costs and reach maximum results according to the desired KPI's and budgets.

8. What other services do you provide? Ex: blog articles

If you have a website – and you should definitely have one, you may want to include on your checklist at least one article provided per month. Since they already know your vibe, they should be the ones who create great content for your site, including SEO words. In this way your great content can reach many more people and why not, reach the front page on Google.

Now that you got a pretty clear idea on what to ask for a social media agency, are you ready to pick the right one? Evo offers you a complete package and a clear "check list" with everything you need for your social media. Check the EVO SOCIAL MEDIA management packages that offer you the “all inclusive” experience here.

You can always contact us if you have any questions and we will be more than pleased to answer.

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