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Going viral – The power of the SHARE

Sharing & engagement as a major KPIs for a car rental company - case study B2C

In a challenging time when you can’t really talk about vacations and travelling, one of our clients, a multinational leading car rental company managed to reach an impressive engagement through one social media tool: sharing.

By using a combination of great content and the EVO technologies we made the followers share their post for 58 times!

Our client

A well-known international car rental company managed to increase its visibility, engagement and leads through SHARES.

Our approach & results:

  • The EVO team offered a new perspective by suggesting valuable, practical content, tackling the customers’ needs: travelling safety know-how as the added value.

  • From a post without interactions, with a low Like count and no engagement at all, we managed to reach more than 18k people, getting 1.8k Likes and 58 SHARES – and this was only the beginning, with a very small budget.

How did we manage to achieve so many shares on such a sensitive subject?

We focused on:

1. The psychology of SHARING

As people started liking, commenting on, and sharing the post, the content was exposed to new audiences, their friends and their followers. Going viral was just one step ahead. Among these 3 - SHARING the posts represent the highest form of engagement. Why is that?

At EVO, we dig a little deeper, till we reach the essence. That’s why we researched who and why they shared, so we can duplicate the effect. We know that psychologically, people share content because it's a way to: define themselves to others, to declare something about themselves (usually success) and also it is a bridge helping them building and developing a relationship with others. Therefore. Sharing a post is a „declaration” they make about their thoughts, feelings and the situation they are in, now.

We often investigate, what made one post being more shared than the others, so we did in the case before us here, a post communicating on the Christmas and having a picture with kids.

2. The commercial meaning of SHARING

But what does it mean for our clients? At the same time, the commercial meaning of a SHARE is free advertisement & when we will want to get leads from this target audience, the trust will have already been there. Our clients managed to differentiate their brand, gain visibility and high-quality leads as people shared their valuable content with their networks and so on, the content spreading across the internet, getting thousands of reactions and shares.

3. Our EVO tech

Psychology and great content are not all, though. A great part of our results we owe it to our EVO technologies. This time we used:

  • EVO ad optimizer- a unique, exclusive technology that brings the future of advertising performance, perfect the content visibility and drive traffic to your site, blog, or video. We develop your client base and create higher conversion rates! Applying this technology together with our winning content plan was working!

  • EVO's leads generator tool - a unique tool that brings any product or service directly to the chosen target audience (B2B OR B2C) at the right times and provides you with high-quality leads. Through a fully customized sales process, we targeted the exact audience and describe its profile, in order to program the exact online lead campaign to gain quality leads.

Our lead generation system operates on B2C and B2B clients through all kinds of industries & business domains.

To summarize OUR RESULTS:

Reach: more than 18k people

Likes: getting 1.8k Likes

Shares: 58 SHARES

And this was only the beginning, with a very small budget - only 10€!

Triggering SHARES means reaching a KPI while reducing the advertising costs!

Getting 58 shares for this post is a signal from our audience that they love and believe in this brand and its messages. Also, it means that once we will be interested in generating leads from this target audience, its trust will already be in place, ready to move to the next stage of the funnel.

Learn more about our Social media solutions and how we can help your company in boosting your engagement.


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