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How often you should post on social media?

One of the common questions we hear from our clients is – how often I should post on our social media channel. Actually, there is no “clear” rule about that…but following several analysis done within the activities of our client’s account, we came to some consultations

The first factor is of course- you must keep the right balance that serves your brand. If you post infrequently, your audience will forget about your existence, your rank will drop and it will be a lot harder to get back on track. On the other side, if you post too frequently, you risk to overcrowd your follower’s feed and become a spam.

So, how do you keep that correct “ balance”? According to our studies, the number of posts should be different on each social media channel, as each of them has different rules and audience.


We all heard about the “two posts per day” rule on Facebook, but it does not apply to all the accounts. First of all, you have to set your main goal, is this more engagement you are looking for, or you want more clicks on your links? For each case, you have to develop a different strategy. For example, the “2 posts per day” rule will only work if you have at least 10 000 followers and by doing that, you can optimize clicks and engagement. According to a study from, when you have a smaller audience, this strategy can lower your click rate with 50%. In this case, posting a few times a week can grow your number of clicks, but reducing the engagement. Set your goals and follow your needs.


When it comes to Linkedin, the things are more sensitive. Users don’t want to be overwhelmed with many posts from the same company, so you will have to publish only relevant content not more than 5 times per week. When posting 2 times per day, the second post minimizes the performance of the first.


Unlike Facebook and Linkedin, in Instagram, posting frequently is not very important to your marketing strategy. You can even post 5 o more times per day without affecting negatively the performance of your Instagram account. But, be careful not to change the frequency of posting because you will start losing followers. If you post more times a day and after a while you transition to a few posts per week, your engagement will have a significant drop.

...and what about your social media ?

The ideal frequency of posting on social media depends mainly on your purposes and the type of business that you have. If you really want to boost your performance, find the right frequency and hours for posting, we are here to help you identify the targets and the right balance. Besides the well defined strategy and analysis, we can create quality content that can raise your engagement and clicks.

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