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Jingle ALL the way? Stepping up your social media game during Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like…well, you know! We can feel it all over and that means it's the time to build your December social media calendar, focusing on Christmas (and possibly other holidays – such as Hanukkah).

First, let's talk about the HOLIDAY card post.

What do we mean by a holiday card post? Simply a post greeting the followers and wishing them a happy holiday!

Why is it so important to create and post a unique, eye-catching holiday card on your social media channel? There are several reasons:

Reason#1 – everybody will be doing so! Our work in the dental and medical domain has proven that the holidays are the time that competitors shine with creativity, so it’s the moment to show off your ingenuity as well; you do not want to be left behind!

A secret tip: not everybody does an excellent job…so coming up with a unique idea can help your company stand out!

Reason#2 – a great holiday post, with the correct (and even small budget) for promotion, can quickly go viral. And we love going viral! Why do holiday posts go viral? Because they are jolly and nostalgic, and people love sharing them!

Reason#3 – employer branding, yes! This is a golden chance to strengthen your firm’s culture. If you create a vibrant post, employees, partners, and distributors will be proud and happy to share. (Plus, sharing will make it even more viral!)

So now that we understand its importance, let's share some ideas on

HOW TO CREATE A WINNING, VIRAL POST for your company for Christmas

Brand identity going festive: This is your opportunity to create an original design based on your products and services. We do not recommend adding a CTA (call to action) for sales, but focusing on the “happy holiday” theme. However, choosing your product's identity and customizing it can create the correct context and also bring a smile to your followers’ faces – which is precisely the effect we want.

Here are some examples from the dental domain:

  • Be funny – DON’T be afraid to be funny! Think outside the box! This may go well with your brand values and will show your followers a refreshing (and possibly different) side of your company and brand. FUNNY posts usually go more viral!

  • Bring your team TO THE FRONT – do you have a nice factory? Have you invested in a fancy Christmas tree? Do you have a friendly team? This is precisely the moment to show them off to the world. No need to have fancy productions with high budgets – a mobile camera will do the job just fine with a little creativity:

  1. Make a tour of your factory/offices and a Merry Christmas wish from the team;

  2. Show us how you are wrapping gifts and sending them to your clients;

  3. Dress the boss as Santa and take pictures walking around the factory;

  4. Show us your CSR activity;

  5. Show us your team can sing a little together (even if singing is not their destiny);

  6. Anything works! As long as it’s authentic and real!

It might encourage you to know that these types of posts are usually the most viral and remembered ones!

  • Use videos – video effects and animations can bring better visibility to your posts and also help later on to retarget the followers who viewed and reacted to these posts . Combine them in your design and don’t hesitate to be a little (!)kitschy, meaning – snowflakes, fireworks, and flying ribbons…all work well as long as they match your branding color and brand identity. Being eye-catching is the key!

Bonus tip - What about Hanukkah? We recommend posting about Hanukkah in case you target Jewish or Israeli audiences, as well as if you wish to project diversity as a part of your brand values. If you choose to do that, first learn a little about the values of this holiday and then find a fun/creative angle to talk about it.

Now that you are ready to go, don’t forget that only 2% of your followers see the posts…isn’t that a pity!? After all the great ideas and creativity…? Therefore, it is important to dedicate a small budget to promote the posts and make sure you reach your exact target audience.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! And happy holidays!

If you have any comments, notes, or other ideas, please share them in the comments or on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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