Online review management in the hospitality industry: The amazing connection between positive review

In a world where the popularity of the reviews has grown considerably, the hospitality industry is no exception and has to ensure a flawless reputation. With millions of tourists out there, who for a nice place to stay and many accommodation options, you better offer a 5 star rating over the reviews.

Online review and the hospitality industry

Usually, travelers who are seeking for hospitality services are private travelers and families who want to book a vacation, business travelers and corporations, who arrives for team building activities and for short stays.

Last researches made by HOSPITALITYNET show how critical are the reviews, when booking a hotel on the internet:

  • 53% of consumers won’t book a hotel that has no reviews

  • 78% of consumers think that other reviews are important for deciding where to stay

  • 88% of consumers filtered out hotels with less than 3 stars review rating

More positive reviews = More clients

For one of EVO clients, a medium size leading boutique hotel, located in one of the capital cities in Europe, with 2700 clients per month, the problem became significant when we noticed:

1. Most of the visible reviews (on Facebook and trip advisor) were negative

2. Most of the happy clients didn’t bother to leave a positive review – the hotel didn’t have a clear producer of review generation (beside the receptionist asking from time to time the ‘checking out’ clients to submit a review)

3. The positive reviews were abolished by the negative ones.

The situation was pretty bad. When the rumor of “bad services” started to spread and affected the outcomes, we took a meticulous analysis in order to fix the situation.

EVO targets for this client were based on 4 core elements:

  1. Increasing the number of actual happy clients that will submit positive reviews in order to amplify the positive sentiment of the hotel.

  2. Reducing the visibility of unhappy clients, by amplifying the voice of the happy ones.

  3. Channeling the online positive reviews to different online sites (such as: Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot and more) as well to the company's social media channels (e.g - Facebook page) in order to increase further the positive effect that will attract new clients.

  4. Reply & Resolve –Real-time monitoring each and every mention about the hospitality brand, in all languages 24/7, in order to react in time to both positive and negative notes about the brand. This approach was implemented together with the brand's customer service team which were trained to work with a clear protocol having appropriate answers and solutions to each client and scenario.

Positive reviews increased by 380% in the first 3 months

After applying all the established strategies and working closely with the client’s responsible departments, the performance of EVO Online Review Management helped the client in achieving the wanted results.

With the help of our unique EVO Review Boosting Technology we managed to collect client’s review data from several locations and networks into one place and channeling them in the right directions depending on which platform requested more positive reviews.

The most important goal was approached: the happy clients started to share the positive sentiment and raised the review rate.

Being responsive to negative & positive reviews

In this case, it was crucial to build a protocol for responding both positive and negative reviews. By using the customized reporting and monitoring tools, the client’s customer service team could respond both to positive reviews and most important, to react in real time, to negative reviews submitted by clients and transferred to them in a format of the survey, allowing them to respond the clients before the actual reviews is submitted online.

The results were showing clearly with a positive growth rate each and every month -

1. Positive reviews rate has grown in approx. 380%, based on real client reviews

2. General review rates has grown by more than 120%

3. Average Star rating grown from 3.4 to 4.7

4. Booking rates has grown by 18% within 24 months

Managing the traveler reviews is an ongoing daily task which we are proud to carry for our hospitality industry clients, helping them in achieving their target but also offering greater services to their clients, by targeting every month a better and better result.

The metrics and numbers speak for themselves, showing clearly the actions were right.

Read more about EVO booster for the hospitality domain and check our Review plans here

For more information about this case and online reviews management - contact us - we are happy to talk!

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