Why 2020 was also a GOOD year?

#CrisFromEvo This week, I'm looking back at 2020; we and all of our clients summarize this year and plan an exciting 2021.

This year was an exceptional year for whoever is in the social media domain. For most of the companies in this industry, this has been a good year, because everybody moved their activity to the social media arena.

It's no wonder it has been a hectic year, since we were here to offer "out of the box" solutions and new technologies.

We helped our clients by creating new technologies and boost their social media results.

Here are 3 of the actions we made this year:

1️⃣ We launched our EVO Event booster, which helped our clients generate leads to their events. For one of them, we generated 1000 leads in 3 months only via events!

2️⃣ We optimized our Lead generator and applied it using super small budgets (check our case study page!)

3️⃣ We continued generating eye-catching content that creates engagement for our clients!

2021, we are getting ready for you, baby! Rumors say normality will be back very soon!

️ We continue recruiting new talents and enter into new markets. Stay tuned for more news I will share soon.

May you all have a happy holiday and an excellent 2021!

For more info, contact me in a message!

I'd love to stay in touch! Find me on Linkedin Follow my #CrisFromEvo

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