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EVO Social Media Management (SMM)

Integrating creative content with powerful technologies that brings results!

MCBA EVO’s experts are operating on all the social media channels, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

We identify the right operational steps for your company to reach its targets

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We know your brand is an art piece.
We also know we can make the world, acknowledging that!

We build the right strategy for improving your brand and we use it every day through sophisticated SMM tools to help your business achieve its results! 


Our Social Media Marketing Services (SMM) helps your business grow brand awareness, relationships,
and website traffic.


We provide with special Social Media marketing solutions that are adjusted and tailor made to your company targets and client needs.

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Our SMM Services



Managing your Online Social Media channels for Real Results. Using our state-of-the-art technologies to develop your market exposure, accurate target audience, special content, brand leverage and highly increase your lead generation & sales.

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EVO brings you the future of content advertising! We optimize your content and keywords, drive traffic to your site, blog or video and develop a client base, creating higher conversion rates. Spend wisely your advertising budget on a result-proven social media strategy, created by EVO experts and improved by our unique tech!

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We efficiently develop an online marketing strategy and customize it for your specific needs. Our experts will analyze your brand, your customers and the market, to make sure your sales will increase exponentially.



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We increase your pre-sale possibilities by improving one of the key factors of online marketing: EVENTS & WEBINARS. We use our AI technologies and experts to turn your webinar attendees into qualified leads.

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Original content in the form of an article or blog is one of the most convenient ways to market your company and services on the internet. Through continuous analysis & development, original content and targeted promotion, EVO will increase your exposure to new clients and bring back the “cold” ones.

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EVO experts will develop a complete solution for employer branding, brand management and retention for you. With the support of our technologies, we can bring you the visibility and engagement, improving your recruitment process and increasing your leads/candidates.

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Build great relationships, increase loyalty and sales! EVO Online Community management is the process of building, managing, monitoring and guiding your brand followers across diverse social media platforms towards your desired brand directions.

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EVO content marketing services will increase website traffic from your online marketing channels. Our content writers will create relevant content to engage your audience, build trust, and influence purchasing decisions.

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Attract and retain new customers, generate leads and encourage purchases with EVO’s Social Media Coupon. Our service combines the proven impact of coupons with the viral reach of social media – turning your social followers into clients with real active roles.



Social Sweepstakes is the fastest way to engage fans on Facebook and grow your email database. EVO will enable your businesses to run promotional sweepstakes or a giveaway campaign and our automation tech will grant you a great database to incentive all your followers and to convert them from leads to sales!

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Build Great Relationships > Increase Engagement

Building a strong connection with your audience is likely to increase your chances of actually selling! Via a clear social media management and a constant post’s policy, we will increase the engagement rates within your pages (likes, comments, shares etc.) and help you strengthen the connection with your current and future clients

Develop your Brand Awareness > increase the number of Followers

When you are doing remarkable things, your audience should know about them! Increasing your followers number on social media can help you boost referral rates and inject new customers. A professional social media management will match the exact audience you are seeking – including – location, age, demographics, interests, and behaviors of your preferred & typical customers

Optimizing your website Exposure > Increase Traffic

Our EVO philosophy is based on “call for action” modules. We focus on increasing traffic on your website via social media activities, leading directly to higher sales!

Increasing sales & generating leads

Generating sales leads is a key part of having a successful business. EVO’s lead generation system will bring your product or service directly in front of your target audience at the best points of time and provide you with high quality leads. We’ll develop and manage your customized lead generation campaign and increase your sales.

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website evo (66).png
website evo (66).png
website evo (66).png
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