Customer Surveys & Cross Selling Services

Boost your sales with Regeneration of leads

Creating new leads may be a challenging task in some of the cases…how about using your exist client’s data base to regenerate leads and bring them back?

One of the methods to do that is applying a client satisfaction survey, which can combine as well cross sales elements for lead regeneration.

Want to start Re-Generating Leads ? 

Innovative B2B /B2C marketers are using surveys as the perfect complement to lead forms.

A professional survey can integrate with your marketing platform, syncing results with your clients to improve the regenerated lead scoring, support the personalized nurture, and above all increase renewals and future client referrals.

Throughout the years we managed to work successfully with all kinds of industries & business domains, targeting both B2B and B2C clients.
The client satisfaction survey & regeneration of leads process is complex as it combines several elements in order to increase the lead quality and optimized the final results – a happy client and an actual sale.


The unique campaign aims to increase client satisfaction, showing them your CARE and wish to improve your services. As well as identifying market trends and points for improvement.
Our agents are trained to direct the discussion from a survey oriented call to a crossed sales opportunity!

The EVO client satisfaction survey & lead regeneration services focusing on 4 Elements:

Strategy, Targets, Action Plan

Every client and every company require a unique strategy, targets and action plan. Our lead generation expert will allocate the exact solution to fit your goals and support you as well with gather know how to choose wisely your targets.


Outsourcing the client satisfaction survey campaign requires a high level of liability and professionalism. Via a unique training system, handled by top multinational experts, we create high standards similar to the ones which should be performed by your employees.

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The dynamic elements of each client satisfaction survey campaign allows us to modify it in accordance to the actual results.


We monitor and document every call & email within the CRM system, in order to continually optimize the results of each campaign and provide our clients with the accurate results for a great continuation​.

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Why do you need Customer Surveys & Cross Selling Services?
  1. A happy client is actually a Sales lead 

  2. Your old database has a huge value and your goals is to activate it to regenerate new leads 

  3. Outsourcing the surveys for an expert company, saves time & money  

  4. Expertise services bring better results and increase the quality of leads

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