Website Analysis

Maximize your business performance and optimize Customer experience

EVO Analytics gives you the critical data needed to turn your websites into profit machines​

After running thousands of tests and website analysis, we discovered that most companies don’t really understand how the elements on their site are affecting their conversion rate.

Based on this extreme need we created a unique testing strategy called “EVO Analytics” that allows us to determine how specific site or page elements influence the overall conversion rate.

Using EVO Analytics testing, we can identify which elements are helping you achieve your goals and which are holding you back. That information allows us to make intelligent decisions about your customer experience and make the needed modifications to improve site performance


what do we test?

The uniqueness of EVO Analytics is its versatility. Any element of your website can be tested. Which precise elements we start with depends on your conversion rate optimization goals, but there are 4 levels of elements we typically assess:

Customer experience

EVO Analytics evaluate your website flow and its effect on your clients. We can analyze the client impression and comfort while using the website. Customer experience is also related to the sales process and mechanism the website is generating. We check those and other aspect through this particular phase.

Pages- Make your site a sales machine!

EVO Analytics test your website pages and allows us to look at how different pages contribute to the overall target and effectiveness of the site. We take things a step further and test the effects of different pages throughout the conversion funnel, to assure that at the end of the process the website is a sales machine.

Page Elements

Website page contains many elements. Each of these elements has an effect on your audience and with EVO Analytics testing we can determine how each element is affecting your conversion rate and profitability, define new strategies add call to actions and much more. 

Website Sub-Elements

Within each of the page elements, you also have a lot of sub-elements. These might be things like specific aspects of images, phrases, form fields, copy length and more. EVO Analytics testing of the sub-elements allows us to maximize the effect of contributing elements and really optimize every aspect of your site.