Servicii de continut de marketing

Serviciile EVO de continut de marketing iti vor creste traficul pe site de pe canalele de marketing online.
Un continut original si inedit va directiona clientii potentiali de pe alte canale online catre website-ul tau. 

Aceste canale de marketing online pot fi canale de social media, motoare de cautare sau eforturile tale de email marketing. Creatorii de continut ai EVO vor produce continut relevant pentru a-ti atrage audienta, pentru a spori increderea si pentru a influenta deciziile lor de cumparare. 

Serviciile EVO pentru continut de marketing 

Serviciile noastre pentru continut de marketing includ dezvoltarea strategiei, creare de continut, editare si publicare pe website-ul sau blogul tau. 
Serviciul este pus in aplicare prin intermediul a 3 aspecte: 

Content Marketing Strategy

First, we craft a unique content marketing strategy which describes your brand or product. We will analyse your buyer’s persona and learn more about your clients and potential clients, because this will help us write appealing content for them. Before publishing any deliverables, we will send all content to you for approval.

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Original content with valuable keywords

We analyse the net, compose the correct keywords and SEO elements and create an article to fit the target of the promoted topics. ​

The content we develop for you will be original and the copyrights will be exclusively yours!

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Content Distribution

Our original content will be distributed throughout the Social media based on your Social media management services, therefore we recommend you used a combination of our social media management services, social media advertising services, and/or our email marketing services. These additions will help you build an audience for whom to promote your content.

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Discuta cu creatorii de continut EVO si obtine azi continutul tau original

De ce ai nevoie de serviciile EVO pentru continut de marketinG? 

#1 Content & Articles

The content and articles show your current customers that you are continuing your growth and providing them with accurate and relevant information.

#2 SEO

Placing the right SEO keywords on your website inside your posts lets you promote the website organically in google, a long-term strategy that leads to your popularity on the net.

#3 Tags

An interesting article tags you and your company as experts in your field!

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#4 Original Content

Original content leads to more exposure to new clients and even some “cold” ones who were simply searching for various information on the internet.

#5 Share

A good article promoted within your social media increases the chances for your audience to share and maximizes the overall exposure of your company.

#6 Expert Efficiency

Hiring an expert company to take care of this important element saves you time and brings higher efficiency to your time management.

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Serviciile noastre de incredere si rezultatele obtinute au ajutat multe companii de-a lungul anilor: