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NO, it's not magic, but we do have daily parties around special achievements we manage to reach each and every day!


Integrating creative content with powerful technologies actually

DOES bring results!

Are you looking to grow your brand locally and globally?
We are here to directly reach your audience and generate dental leads for your company
with unique technologies and automation tools

MCBA EVO’s experts are operating on all social media channels, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

We identify the right operational steps for your company to reach its targets. 

Check out how we are doing that!

The big elephant in the room?
We don't have that!

We are ready and happy to talk about results and success!


The voice of your clients can tell the story and work for you – Video ad technologies B2C case study 



Excellent results can seem magical, but it’s an everyday occurrence for us. Our high-end technologies make our process efficient even when applied to a specific industry such as the medical devices segment. For a very well-known company in this industry, whom we have been working with for several countries where they activate, we set out to increase brand loyalty through some clever social media engineering.

For one of their posts, we have chosen a video testimonial from a licensed doctor working in the same industry, who has tried the product themselves. Video content lends itself very well to testimonials and informative content, being short and attention-grabbing – the perfect choice for the job, especially when combined with quality content writing and AI tools.
After applying our EVO ADS OPTIMIZER patented Technologies to maximize the results, it reached the intended audience and beyond! With a budget of only

10 euro/day, we have achieved the fantastic result of reaching over 25.1k people!

By triggering such an impressive number of views, we channel 25k viewers at your demo video and  set the pillar, with  EVO technologies to build your hot audience, retarget them and generate future leads at the next step at your funnel.
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We applied the EVO technologies: 


website evo (21).png


Through our advanced targeting technologies and unique EVO Ads Optimizer Platform, for fine-tuning the conditions in order to achieve the best possible exposure, we managed to achieve results above expectations! Those have led to a happy client and an impressive bottom line:

  • Over 7k reach.

  • Over 600 likes.

A sophisticated service on economical prices – only 10 euro/day!

The power of engaging Polls in followers engagement


Interactive posts such as polls and open-ended questions are a great way to get quality engagement and interaction from your target audience. Having an interested audience is critical to long-term social media success in an industry as dynamic as the medical devices segment. In the case of this present client, a primary provider of medical devices for pain management, we employed a clever poll.

We applied the EVO technologies: 
EVO ads optimizer platform.png


B2C brand awareness by using inspirational quotes in the medical domain


Our client, a leading multinational company in the medical devices industry, has expressed to EVO their desire to raise awareness of their brand to their target audience.

Of course, this is an essential facet of our process, so we took this in stride and built a comprehensive approach that combined educational posts to inform the audience, with softer content meant to communicate feelings and vibes indirectly.

On one of the later posts, an inspirational quote post meant to communicate the company values without directly marketing them to the audience; we saw resounding success! Especially after applying our patented technologies to maximize the results, it resonated with the core values of the company and reached the intended audience with great feedback in the form of re-shares, engagement, and likes.

Take a look at this amazing before and after sporting:

  • 12.3 thousand reach

  • 1.3 thousand likes

  • Almost 100 re-shares

On a budget of only 10 euro/day!

1.2k likes are a significant milestone to build a marketing funnel and generate leads of this retargeted audience.
We applied the EVO technologies: 
EVO ads optimizer platform.png


Sometimes, a brand has a very iconic product that embodies the brand values and mission so perfectly that the best course of action would be to focus on it. That was the case for today’s client, an industry leader in the pain management segment of the medical devices industry. Their state-of-the-art patented device was groundbreaking, and they wanted to target as many of their audience as possible and make them aware of this product and its characteristics.

Their key target was to build trust, as this was a major challenge for potential clients who did not know or ever interacted with their new technologies.

Our strategy was to employ quality video content to showcase the process and ease-of-use for the product, along with its many clinical benefits. Using our proprietary AI tools to optimize the targeting of their desired audience, we managed to reach over 32.000 people with this video – and this is just the start. From there on, we can use this section of the audience for retargeting or lead generation purposes – only sky’s the limit. And the budget for all of this?

Only 10 euro/day.

Building trust in your medical device  – a demo video can capture the audience's heart.

An EVO B2C product awareness case study

We applied the EVO technologies: 
EVO ads optimizer platform.png


The power of a testimonial is worth three times more than a post (especially if it's optimized with EVO!)
-A B2C engagement case study

In a competitive market like the medical devices industry, testimonials are a very precious currency. When they come from a reputable source, such as a doctor with many years of experience, they serve to lend legitimacy to the product and service. But sometimes, as seen over our experience, the audience resonates better with something closer to home – the genuine testimonial of a client just like them. 

Such was the case for our client, a multinational company specializing in producing and distributing medical devices.


A very important observation was that we did not only want to reach the target audience – but also have them interact with the post and the brand. And we passed the trial with flying colors – you can see below how, after applying out technologies, we dramatically increased our results from minimal reach and engagement to as high as 6.7k reach and over 510 likes, on the low budget of only 10 euro/day!

We applied the EVO technologies: 
EVO ads optimizer platform.png




A globally known aesthetic devices company hired EVO to create and manage a Facebook campaign with the purpose of stimulating plastic surgeons and cosmeticians from an EU country to contact us for one of the devices specializing in aesthetics and skin care treatments. This implies targeting a rather specific audience, but we went one step beyond and diversified within the campaign on 7 different areas - Cosmetology; Skin Care; Hair, Make-up & Beauty; Dermatology; Plastic Surgery; Cosmetology professionals; Aestheticians.

Can you reach plastic surgeons on Facebook? Will they engage?
Follow this B2B case study


Mixing a quality testimonial by an expert dermatologist with top-tier social media AI technologies, we aimed to increase the reputable brand's visibility through quality content. On average, we achieved:

  • Over 22,000 reach over each of the areas;

  • Over 14,000 post engagements per area;

  • Over 18,500 video plays;

For a grand total of: 

  • Over 100,000 post engagements

  • Over 130,000 video plays

  • Over 300,000 impressions

Very impressive results for a straightforward campaign… and the budget?
Only 250 euro over 15 days!

We applied the EVO technologies: 
Evo case studies (1).png
EVO ads optimizer platform.png
EVO events booster.png
EVO remarketing generator.png

Like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder - that is the inspirational message we set out to communicate for a leading company in the medical aesthetic devices industry. Drawing on our abundant experience with social media in the beauty domain, we reached unprecedented heights with an inspirational quote post meant to “set the mood” for this luxurious but approachable brand.

Employing our proprietary AI technologies, including the EVO Ads Optimizer Platform, we achieved an impressive 1.6k likes and over 150 shares, proving the appeal of this post to the target audience. This will help brand awareness and communicate the company values to not only the immediately reached audience but also beyond it, through the high number of shares. 

Relevant content in the attractive packaging of well-crafted design, reaching top performance levels through state-of-the-art technologies, all for a budget of

10 euro/day.


By triggering such an impressive engagement, we set the pillar. With EVO technologies to build your loving audience, retarget them and generate future leads for the next step of your funnel

Triggering engagement from B2C clients in the medical aesthetics domain – an amazing case study!

We applied the EVO technologies: 
EVO ads optimizer platform.png
website evo (21).png


EVO ads optimizer platform.png
We applied the EVO technologies: 

Building and keeping the trust of your target audience and network is one of the most critical steps in the B2C social media playbook. For this client, a beauty company known worldwide for its trailblazing aesthetic devices, we chose to make a beautiful video showing their success story.

By employing a unique campaign strategy, we created an engaging post meant to inspire a strong emotional response - pride. We also made sure that, working in tandem with our R&D department and employing our technologies, the post will reach the intended audience.


After only a few days, the results speak for themselves: over 25k reach. This is only one part of the moving mechanism of brand loyalty - ensuring trust that the product works, that the company is reliable - and we have definitely achieved that here, on only 10 euro/day!

Sometimes it’s not just brand awareness - but also brand loyalty!


A video can say 100k words…how did a medical beauty device reached 100k B2B audiences for 10€ in only 3 days?

When it comes to the medical and beauty domains, visual materials are the best-performing ones with the audiences desired by our leading clients. They catch the attention easily and draw the viewer in for a longer period of time than a static design. In the present case, we used a branded video to exemplify the treatment process for a globally-renowned aesthetic device company. 

This clip ensured that the various steps are simplified, easy to follow, and leave room for a further desire to educate by directing traffic towards the website or other social media channels.

Through our state-of-the-art technologies and optimization tools, we managed to ensure a reach of over 100,000 people to watch the video and to see the “magic at work”. These will go on to be retargeted in further campaigns and promoted posts, thus creating a very efficient method of increasing brand awareness and building their network. All of this with a budget of

10 euro/day.

We applied the EVO technologies: 
EVO ads optimizer platform.png
EVO leads generator.png
Evo case studies (2).png

A company in the aesthetics domain wished to promote their most innovative and popular technology to their target audience and requested to achieve as much reach as possible on their Facebook page.

Their video started with almost nothing, barely even reaching their core audience. But with the help of our unique technologies, amazing content, and an engaging visual, we reached over 107k people in just a couple of days.

You can see the results for yourselves: the post that has been up for days with little organic reach, and in comparison - the same post operating with the EVO Ads Optimizer for only a couple of days. And the budget? Not in the thousands, because we only needed 10 euro per day!


Having amazing reach results can help you in building a high-quality marketing funnel up to lead generation for B2B or B2C purposes.


The cinderella effect – how did we get 107k reach for a simple post?


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