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OUR package


The ultimate EVO Social Media Management package includes EVERYTHING your company needs precisely as if you have had your own “in house” social media department.

We cover all the social media management elements from strategy, content, design, scheduling, monitoring, optimizing, and even replying to your clients and followers by the social media inbox /chat.

What does the EVO pack include?

EVO’s  state of THE art technologies

EVO's Technologies and Artificial Intelligence tools (AI), know how to continually optimize your campaign and develop your business faster and with lower budgets by using specially developed in-house algorithms.
We always include the relevant technologies within the services we offer to you.


Learn more about our technologies

How this works – check our case studies

EVO roadmap

Our EVO pack is one of a kind – covering A-Z social media management needs.

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Social Media Strategy


Promoting with EVO Technologies

Monitoring & Optimizing

A detailed guideline with all you need to know about your social media vibe, branding guidelines, designed posts, your social media goals, and more. 

We will deliver every month a new creative social media plan with daily posts and fantastic graphic designs, covering all of your channels.

We will schedule all the posts and stories and we will monitor them to make sure that they'll appear in time, on all channels, including links, #, videos and high-quality images.

Monthly Plan

We will boost your posts to the highest level of visibility and engagement, we will generate leads for your services, products, and events... With the state of the art EVO technologies.

We will issue a monthly report including all the KPIs and we will have a monthly marketing meeting with you to discuss the results and upcoming strategies to beat them, every month!

The journey starts with the right Strategy!

Onboarding stage

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Social media Audit & Analysis

We will check your competitors, market trends and propose you the correct channels and action plans to REACH YOUR TARGETS 

Social media complete Strategy & competitor analysis

Our social media team will submit a social media competitor analysis and propose a detailed strategy guide for your company’s social media, including – the proposed vibe, branding guidelines, designed posts, your social media goals, and other detailed info that will assist us in achieving outstanding results at the following stages.

Onboarding marketing team meeting

We will present the strategy report and discuss it in details to validate that the Strategy is in line with your KIPs and goals – we include a 2-hour meeting with the social media team and a senior manager.

Setting up your digital assets

Our technical team will set up your social media assets - access to the business management accounts, pixels, and more), set up the EVO technologies software, and test them before starting the activities.

Target audience set up

Creating the target audience is a weekly task our technical and marketing team will apply within all your channels on a constant level. However, the onboarding targeted audience's actions will set up the root for a successful kick-off of your activity.

Preparing your reply protocol (Via Chatbox, messages…)

Our team will prepare the customer service reply protocol as an FAQ guideline for our team to follow whenever we reply to your clients on the walls, feeds, and chat. We will make sure that no client is missed and the reply is done accurately and professionally!

The EVO monthly management content pack includes the following components:  

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Monthly posting Gantt

A monthly Gantt, covering special days, unique ideas, brilliant copywriting for specific dates, special campaigns, and more, all set up to have a clear view of how the coming month will look.

Monthly posting plan (content)

Your monthly posting plan is prepared and presented before the month starts; allowing you to review your monthly plan and confirm it before it is launched gives you the ability to control and overview it before posting anything! Your dedicated content writers, who understand your vision and brand values, will develop your original content to match the right voice for your target clients!

Monthly posts for: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok & Youtube

The content we create every month for your social media channel is the core of our success! We will create every month customized posts and stories targeting to trigger engagement and boost your visibility towards your desired target audience.
The plan includes an agreed number of monthly posts and stories.
Every channel will receive a unique touch –we do not “copy-paste” content from Instagram to LinkedIn since each is serving its unique goals.
Following a monthly learning curve, we optimize the content plan  every month, according to the successful posts

  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Designed Posts (banners, promotional posts, cards, headers…)

Our graphic designers will add their magic touch to every post and story we create for you. We will create monthly headers, posts, GIFs, memes, ad visuals, infographics, and more… to spice up your social media and increase your visibility.

A monthly article for your blog/site

Our content team will create an original article every month, targeting to generate traffic from your social media to your site and assist the target audience development and SEO.
You will own the article's content copyrights.

We are all set to go!
Let's create some content!

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A Dedicated account manager and a support desk

Dedicated Account Manager to coordinate all the related account management tasks including posts scheduling and monitoring the live chat inbox, along with a support desk backup.

Scheduling the posts

Our scheduling team will schedule all posts and stories and monitor them, to make sure they are placed in the optimized time on all your social media channels, including links, hashtags #, videos, and high-quality images.

EVO ads optimizer – continuous optimization

It's not only about posting… it's about making your audience see and react to your posts!
We will implement the EVO ads optimizer every day within your daily activity to ensure your posts receive the high engagement it deserves. We will manage the ads promotions according to the budgets and the number of campaigns indicated in your proposal.

Daily Monitoring

We will monitor daily your feeds, your inbox, and the performance of all your social media channels, making sure every client receives a professional and prompt reply (or merely a Like on their comments!).

Monthly report

Getting better and better all the time is our philosophy.
We will issue an in-depth monthly report for all your social media channels' performance & KPIs, along with an optimization plan for the next month.

A monthly Personal marketing consultancy discussion

Your social media account manager and a senior manager from EVO will enroll in a personal marketing consultancy meeting every month covering the former monthly results and the upcoming strategies to beat them.

EVO Cover®

EVO Cover® provides you with a complete service pack in any situation of blocking by social media platforms. Our team will take care of the entire process, discussing with the service department in all different channels to release the account and bring it back to activity.

Additional services (not included)

The services are provided only to EVO SMM clients

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Lead generation

Generating B2C/B2B 

Quality leads for your company, by using technologies and an advanced strategy 



Promoting your online & offline events, generate participants, sell tickets  and boost visibility 

ORM review generator


Generating real positive reviews for your products & services via top technologies  

Articles pack for your site


Original content - packs of 5-10-20 monthly articles to boost your SEO and generate traffic

Your EVO team

5 social media experts are managing your accounts

Content manager - content strategy and posts copyrighting.

Dedicated Account Manager to coordinate all the related account management tasks, including posts scheduling and monitoring the live chat inbox.

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Graphic designer - visual elements, posts designs, and modification per social media channel.

Advertising account manager - for EVO optimizer ads tools (engagement).

Advertising account manager - Leads generation campaigns.

Our prices

We offer competitive, bespoken, and customized packages to the size and the budgets of your company.

The monthly price is fixed, so you know precisely how much you are paying every month, without any surprises!

We usually offer a 3-stage pricing package, ones that grow together with the needs of your company and with the growing numbers of monthly campaigns

How do I pay the advertising budget for my promoted ads?

The advertising budget (Facebook /Instagram / LinkedIn /Twitter) is excluded from our fees and paid directly to each channel. We will set up the billing mechanism and will also monitor it for you every month.
We do not charge any fee or percentage of your budget.

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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra...

Are you ready for that?

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