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Online Reputation management (ORM) 

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Online reputation management (ORM) comprises a set of specific methods used to positively influence consumers' perception of a person, company, brand, or other entity in online media. 

Online reputation management seeks to increase visibility, improve positive sentiment, diminish negative opinions, remove unflattering content and increase affirmative content.

EVO targets to generate a strong, positive foundation for a company or individual and solve the combination of one or more of the factors mentioned above.

Start managing your brand today!

We provide ORM services to: 

  • ​Companies & Business entities (Any kind of business domains)

  • Private entities (Celebrities, Politicians, CEO's, etc’...) 

EVO is one of the leading ORM services providers in Europe, operating unique reputation management services with an experienced and highly trained team located in Israel, skilled in several areas of online marketing and SEO, having years of experience in similar operations for governmental institutions, large business consortium and key figures personnel.

We offer complete management services for your online reputation and provide as well a wide range of supportive services such as social monitoring, online reputation awareness tools, negative content filtering and removal, engagement and social media content promotion, as well. 


We are operating with internal specialized software and technological solutions that allow us not only to continuously follow and monitor your brand reputation but also to track any negative reputation within the history of the brand and get it fixed.


We understand the importance of Online Reputation Management to our clients – We put our skills, customized software, and many years of experience to improve your online appearance and make your problems disappear! ​


We can monitor your brand & reviews 24/7

Our trusted services and actionable results have helped many companies along the years:

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