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Online Reviews Monitoring & Generation   

Positive reviews are the marketing tool of the future.
Obtaining more positive reviews will reinforce your business, increase your customer base and create an impressive impact for new customers.

The statistics about the Review management are very clear: 

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.

  • Online reviews have been shown to impact as much as 67.7% of purchasing decisions.

  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations.

  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

  • The Positive reviews will attract more New customers and Return clients!


84% of consumers find personal reviews as trustworthy
as a friend's recommendation!


EVO positive review booster increases your positive REAL reviews and reduces the visibility of the negative ones.

By monitoring your brand 24/7, we can detect the positive and the negative activities and alert you on time!

Starting Generating Positive Reviews Today!

EVO Positive Review Booster®

Reviews are more than just words on a page.
They are detailed assessments of your business and how to improve it.
They are the voice of your customers.

Recognizing the social influence and shared online experience from other clients' reviews, MCBA-EVO manages your online reputation and reviews, focusing on your brand awareness and positive public reviews that will affect your new customer base and boost your market share. 

We live in a digital world and in every aspects of our life we use the internet in order to research different services, products or companies, but before making the final decision, we always look for other clients' experience or in other words, we look for the product / service Review.

Review Management or Positive Review Booster®, is the process of gathering positive customer reviews for your business.

We do this by using a state of the art automated process which will gather, filter, and promote reviews across the most popular local directories, suitable specifically for your domain;

Generating all of these testimonials in local and dedicated directories strengthens your online reputation and will certainly improve your ranking.

As the number of positive reviews increases, more people will be able to see them and choose your business when looking for services like the ones you provide.


MCBA-EVO is using proprietary software, developed in our R&D labs and combining several features in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a brand, as seen by its customers. We make it easy for your brand’s clients to spread the good word, using online customer reviews and we allow you to deal and support “disappointed” clients internally, eventually turning them into happy customers and your best brands advocates.


Our state-of-the-art proprietary software is specifically designed to quickly optimize and distribute your business information across the Internet, to increase your visibility where ever and whenever a customer is searching for your products or services while also attracting clients to review your company in a positive way.


In some cases, we involve online reputation software that continuously evaluates the “online sentiment” you have on the internet and identifies reviews given online to your company / services. This allows us to follow closely any negative review that was published online and resolve it, 24/7.

In simple words, our technology can make your company or service a “total review face-lift” allowing you to shine above your competitors.

Why it's important?

You cannot avoid progress! Online activity is the present and the future!

Nothing is better than a positive recommendation on your business given by many different clients, supporting your activity and showing their brand loyalty and impressions, through a review.

Review generation is a tactic that lets you maximize the benefits associated with good reviews, while reducing the harm caused by bad ones.

Imagine the following example: you look for a dentist, or any other service provider and one of the most useful ways of finding a good service provider is to ask Google: “the best dentist in Rome”. Google will present the top 4-5 dentists in Rome, prioritizing them based on their Rating / positive Reviews (stars). You will then read the positive reviews of the top 4-5 and probably choose one of them, not even considering the fact that there are over 3,000 dentists in Rome.

What to expect?

Like most other forms of online marketing, this is a powerful strategy that takes time to pick up steam. As more and more positive reviews are gathered, you will see your business outshine your competition, attracting new customers who would be looking for the services you provide. Our state of the art proprietary software will control and manage all the required aspects.

benefits of evo Positive Review Booster®

  • 84% of consumers trust personal reviews as much as professional reviews

  • Your business's reputation will improve

  • The reviews will attract more customers

  • Good reviews can counteract bad ones left by dissatisfied customers

  • 4-5 star businesses are given priority by Google and all search engines.

what makes us different?


Since launching EVO Positive Review Booster®, our proprietary software has consistently collected up to 85 times more ratings and positive reviews for our clients than our competitors' - and everything was done without any paid ads, contests or special incentives.
Working rigorously for the benefit of our clients, we are setting new market standards, testing new ideas and opening new distribution channels in order to help our clients collect and display as many positive reviews and qualitative customer ratings reviews as possible. 

negative review solutions

Unhappy clients tend to shout and influence other clients around the net.

In today’s reality, the majority of your potential clients are making decisions based on your online reviews, while filtering out service providers with an average of less than 3 stars.

Negative reviews have a major effect on your business!


With EVO Artificial intelligence crawlers and data collection software will collect real-time data, all over the web, about negative reviews or other negative sentiment data related to your Brand. The continuous process allows you to identify negative sentiments that can cause harm to your brand, while customers are researching for more data on your company and services.


Our unique solution is also offering you a simple path to increase your positive reviews and reduce the consequences of the negative ones

Through different technological solutions, we identify the problem, we target it with a suitable solution and we succesfully eliminate the negative sentiment. 

Our technology operates in different online layers and therefore offers you  the possibility of solving  different negative reviews/brand crisis
Increase number of REAL positive reviews
Amplify the voice of your happy clients
Reduce the visibility of your negative reviews around the net
Find out where and when your clients are talking about you and your services
React immediately to negative sentiment in case of negative review
Tackle the negative source and keep your positive presence in front of other followers
Reduce the visibility of your negative reviews around the net
We maintain a rigorous process and sharp focus on what matters, to assure your success

Increase Reviews

Get much more positive reviews for your business in the media channels that matter to you the most.

Recover unhappy Clients

Reach unhappy clients before they submit a negative online review about your business.

Monitor Performance

Collect important data to optimize your campaigns and media appearance

Amplify happy Clients

Show the public your best reviews and recommendations made by your clients with a fully automated process

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