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Community Impact - 

We are proud to be the primary sponsors of two significant communities dedicated to empowering businesswomen

Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) proudly sponsors BWFR – Business Women Forum Romania.

BWFR is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) founded and operated by women, committed to enriching, supporting, and connecting women in the business arena.

BWFR has been actively operating since 2015 and boasts a membership of over 8,000 B2B members.

This association is dedicated to empowering women in management, business ownership, entrepreneurship, leadership in NGOs, and any ambitious women seeking to enhance their business endeavors, self-promotion, networking, and knowledge acquisition. By drawing inspiration from successful businesses and diverse women from various domains, BWFR aims to foster growth and advancement.

Furthermore, BWFR assists women embarking on business ventures through specialized seminars, mentoring, and financial consultations during their startup journey. The organization has cultivated an environment of comfort, openness, and security, encouraging members to seek advice, share expertise, and ask questions among fellow women.

The foundation of BWFR rests on three core values:

1. Elevating businesswomen's knowledge with fresh information, ideas, and motivation.
2. Establishing a robust network by connecting women across various fields.
3. Fostering women's business growth by drawing insights from other success stories.

To achieve these objectives, the Forum members convene weekly for a variety of activities, including workshops, seminars, conferences, personal development clubs, brainstorming sessions, and social events. As a global organization based in Romania, Business Women Forum Romania is managed and created by women from both local and international businesses. Therefore, activities are conducted in both English and Romanian, exposing members to diverse motivation, business methodologies, and backgrounds from around the world.

You can find out more about BWFR on their website: 



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Supported by MCBA, stichting Women in Healthcare - Benelux is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and enriching women within the healthcare industry.

WHC, by women and for women, is resolutely focused on advancing women in management roles across the healthcare sector. This includes entrepreneurs, business owners, NGO leaders, corporate managers, and ambitious women within healthcare who aim to expand their business horizons, cultivate their network, and advance their knowledge through insights shared by successful businesses and accomplished women from various healthcare domains.

WHC also extends support to women contemplating the launch of healthcare-related businesses, whether in the present or the near future.

The WHC environment offers comfort, an open community, and a secure space for members to seek guidance, share expertise, and receive advice from fellow women.

WHC has curated a community of professional women, providing participants with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who understand their aspirations and needs, thus facilitating personal and professional growth. Activities are conducted in English, designed to expose women to diverse inspirations, business methodologies, and perspectives from women around the world.

Embrace this opportunity by completing the WHC application form and becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry women's community.

Women Leading the Way in Healthcare - Benelux
WHC's mission centers on providing women in the healthcare sector with support, resources, and avenues to lead and thrive.

The WHC objective is to establish a community of empowered women in healthcare, driving positive change and making a significant impact in the industry. Join WHC on the journey to empower women and elevate healthcare in Benelux.

Visit WHC at:

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