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In a world where you need to compete hard to acquire the right talents for your company...

We are offering smart and creative solutions to bring visibility in order to attract new employees, together with engagement to increase the current retention rates.


“84% of job seekers would consider leaving their current employers for a company with an excellent reputation.” research


Employees are the main asset of every organization. Through their capabilities and efficiency, they contribute to the organization, make it strive and affect directly the success of the organization.
In the last years, the hiring process for new employees become a real challenge for companies, sometimes even an obstacle that can affect the whole company’s success.

According to a survey done by RETHING GROUP UK: “9 out of 10 UK’s top 100 companies is “committed” or “very committed” to developing their employer brand, and 72% state that the employer brand is a leading element on the corporate agenda”.


The combination of a new generation of employees with different types of interest and appreciations, towards companies that have big names, but stay behind in their current branding is the receipt for employment problems. 

360° Employer Branding® by MCBA-EVO


Developing an effective employer brand is the foundation of any effective recruitment strategy, therefore, MCBA EVO’s experts have developed a unique employer branding strategy with the support of our technological advantages into the complete solution for employer branding, brand management and retention.

How can 360° Employer Branding® by MCBA-EVO help your company?
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Boosting your employer brand within social media

By creating and spreading smart (and also cool!) content and posting it, via all social media channels, we will empower your company’s branding and promote the unique vibe your company is offering to the employees.

Boosting your engagement

​EVO technologies will increase the daily engagement of your posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, bringing pride to your workers and encouraging them to share, like and comment without your need to request them to do so.

Increasing loyalty, retention and visibility

By achieving authentic engagement of your employees and followers, your brand visibility will increase both internally and also externally assisting you to achieve higher retention rates.

Promoting job ads

​Using our lead generation technologies along with brilliant copy-writing skills, we will promote job ads in all arenas assisting you to optimize your results and budgets, focusing exactly on your desired target audiences.

Generating positive reviews from your workers

Using the Review booster technologies will assist you to increase the positive reviews within relevant review sites and handle negative reviews internally!

360° Employer Branding® special package includes: 

Our 360° Employer Branding® system, tackle directly the required motivations of your target audience and employees through all to right online media channels. Our Artificial intelligence operators will promote your benefits and advantages in a way that will attract your target audience and allow you to recruit more easily efficient employees.

  • SMM – social media management  – 15-30 monthly posting within – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok Youtube, Pinterest or Twitter

  • Full copywriting, design and monthly complete management of all your social media channels, done in the highest professional way, creating your unique vibe!

  • Job ad’s promotion via the EVO leads generation technologies

  • Boosting your social media real engagement results via EVO ad technologies

  • EVO Review booster technologies generating positive reviews to be channeled into –
    Facebook, Glassdoor, Indeed, KUNUNU , SEEK and more!

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  • Generating traffic to your website via special employers branding original articles crafted for your company!

  • Replying your inbox chat within social media (in compliance with GDPR regulations)

  • Optional – Using ORM (online reputation management):

      - Generating competitors reports for jobs ad’s within your industry

      - Monitoring 24/7 what workers are saying about your company and identifying the sentiment (negative/positive)

  • Full and detailed reports aiming to follow and optimize the monthly KPI’s 

Let’s talk about your targets, budgets and specific needs so we can customize the right solutions and package for your company?

Combining the EVO 360° Employer Branding® technology, know-how and creativity.
How do we do that?

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Brand design by storytelling

We design your event by the story behind it. Our professional content writers will tell the story that your talents is most interested in.

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Enhancing your UNIQUE value 

Expressing your unique added values  can make a big difference in engaging the right clients and perfecting your sales funnels!

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Analyzing the competitors

Our crawlers are monitoring 24/7 your competitor’s  strategies and targets, giving you the leverage to be few steps ahead.

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market research

​Extensive market research in order to create better strategies, develop new know-how in your domain, set the right targets and attract the right clients.

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Inbound leads marketing

Our methods are creating a different strategy of less push and more pull. We draw your target audience, by content marketing, social media & search engines.

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Technology advantages

We put all of our technology advantages by your side. All of our operations, after approving the strategy, are fully automated.


EVO’s Artificial Intelligence candidate generator tool will bring your company and open positions directly in front of your target audience at the best points of time and provide you with high-quality candidates.

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