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Operating from our offices in the Netherlands, UK, Romania and Israel, we manage top-performing social media campaigns and a cover wide range of solutions using a combination of unique technologies and artificial intelligence tools that generates higher online visibility directly to your target audience in global markets,

access to new B2B/B2C clients, and intensify quality leads.

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What is EVO SMM


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You name your KPI, we provide the Guaranteed results!

We work under KPI targets set mutually with the client and we guarantee those targets!


We provide different types of online solutions, from pure social media management in all online media channels from B2C and B2B lead generations, to employer branding services that improve the recruitment process and increase your leads/candidates.

Based on technological capabilities, we can also provide more in-depth services for ORM – Online Reputation Management.
Our ORM solutions can make a difference and support companies in their reputation and branding, dealing with negative reviews, competitor analysis, and 24/7 brand monitoring.

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Build Great Relationships > Increase Engagement

Building a strong connection with your audience is likely to increase your chances of actually selling! Via a clear social media management and a constant post’s policy, we will increase the engagement rates within your pages (likes, comments, shares etc.) and help you strengthen the connection with your current and future clients

Develop your Brand Awareness > increase the number of Followers

When you are doing remarkable things, your audience should know about them! Increasing your followers number on social media can help you boost referral rates and inject new customers. A professional social media management will match the exact audience you are seeking – including – location, age, demographics, interests, and behaviors of your preferred & typical customers

Optimizing your website Exposure > Increase Traffic

Our EVO philosophy is based on “call for action” modules. We focus on increasing traffic on your website via social media activities, leading directly to higher sales!

Increasing sales & generating leads

Generating sales leads is a key part of having a successful business. EVO’s lead generation system will bring your product or service directly in front of your target audience at the best points of time and provide you with high quality leads. We’ll develop and manage your customized lead generation campaign and increase your sales.

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Our big market differentiation lies in our in-house developed technologies and artificial intelligence tools that support us in reaching our clients' targets – our software and technological tools are developed in our R&D (Research & Development) Center in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Our advantages are not only based on our technologies, but also on our human capabilities! Reducing your marketing budgets, supporting and answering your clients, and creating unique content writing for your posts and blog, will know the magic of a dedicated super-team of 5 experts, ready to support all your needs!

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EVO's technologies’ algorithms know how to optimize your campaign and develop your business faster and in lower budgets!


A glimpse of our technology-below is some of the tools we've built to maximize your A-Z digital output. These are the ones we can make public. Other technologies and tools that we have developed will be revealed only in a direct meeting and on a case to case basis.

Our team operates internally the entire technologies presented below. We offer you the ability to gain market leverage by having the most sophisticated technological solutions on your side​.

that will change the way you think about marketing!


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Dental global company 


The huge growth in visibility and 1000 leads from an event funnel - how did we do that?

Hop in to see some
case studies

We guarantee monthly growth. 
(Each and every month!)

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We increase the reach of your pages, along with brand exposure, service, and visibility.     

We increase the engagement of posts - Likes, Comments, Distributions.

We increase the number of clicks per page.

We increase the total number of fans.

We generate traffic to his website landing pages.

We generate high-quality leads, according to the established target criteria.

One stop shop for
social media services




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