Ads optimizer platform

EVO AOP® brings you the future of advertising performance, perfect your content, optimize your keywords and drive traffic to your site, blog or video. We develop your client base and create higher conversion rates!

Providing special optimization software for sponsored ads on the leading social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram)

The EVO AOP® allows us to target your advertising to specific audiences and save money through our unique filtering system that maximize your Ads results.

The EVO AOP® is the ultimate tool to launch a successful campaign and coordinate successfully using many advertising factors.

Reducing the costs and optimizing the conversion is what we do every day, all day


Instead of promoting your ads to general audiences, hoping to find the right potential clients among them, we operate our special Ads Optimizer platforms that target your specific audience.
Through an Artificial Intelligence tools (AI), you contact directly your target audience, reaching more activity and engagement from your potential clients and saving money in the marketing process.

The technology works both on engagement targets as well on a special services provided under lead generation tools.


The case study presented is a real case study from one of our clients

A client in the POS domain (Payment terminals) requested to achieve a higher social media followers engagements on his Facebook page – he simply wanted to have more Likes and create a starting point for building a target audience of engaged followers.

“Likes” can be achieved when the post creates interest (by using great content, as we do in our SMM services) but it must be also addressed to the right target market that can show the relevant  interest.


We have analyzed the target market through our software and Artificial Intelligence tool, creating a direct target market that brings results.

The results -
As seen below a post that was published for 3 days, and same post after operating with the EVO Ads Optimizer Platform (AOP) for only a few days.

Take a glimpse of our technologies:

EVO Ads Optimizer Platform® (AOP)

EVO AOP® brings you the future in advertising performance, perfect your content and keywords and drive traffic to your site, blog or video, develop your client base and create higher conversion rates.

EVO Online Reputation Management® (ORM)

Analyzing the web continuously (24/7), providing you with the complete overview of your brand reputation hazards and the ability to overcome them.

EVO Leads Generator®

EVO’s Artificial Intelligence leads generator tool, will bring your product or service directly in front your target audience at the best points of time and provide you with high quality leads.

EVO Content Booster®

EVO Content Booster Define continuously leading keywords and marketing trends all over the net within your domain of activity and implement it within the presented content.

EVO Positive Reviews Booster®

EVO positive review booster increases your positive REAL reviews and reduce the visibility of the negative ones.

EVO PPC Management tool®

Our AdWords management software is built on superior analysis algorithms and can help you to construct a stellar PPC advertising campaign, while we use it up to its full potential.

EVO Remarketing Generator®

Statistics show that potential clients view specific ads 4 to 6 times before they make the step and purchase, our technology make sure to support this process wisely and to increase your sales.

EVO Real-time Reports & Analytic tool®

Our report & analytic tool operate ALL the time, providing us with improvements notifications, in real time, in order to optimize your goals and perfect your operations.

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