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NO, it's not magic, but we do have daily parties around special achievements we manage to reach each and every day!


Integrating creative content with powerful technologies actually

DOES bring results!

MCBA EVO’s experts are operating on all social media channels, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

We identify the right operational steps for your company to reach its targets. 

Check out how we are doing that!

The big elephant in the room?
We don't have that!

We are ready and happy to talk about results and success!


Reaching a top premium audience is not an easy task! 



A global travel company, specialized in niche tourist services, hired EVO to create their branding awareness on Facebook, covering 5 countries. 
These were the astonishing results we achieved through our unique technologies, engaging content, and a tiny budget of only 10 Euros a day! 




We applied the EVO technology: 
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In a super competitive market, one of the leading car rental companies identified the need to differentiate itself and not offer better prices (since they couldn't!)

case study b2C/B2B

brand awareness & engagement 

The EVO team created a new vision by suggesting inspirational content and travelling know-how as the added value to their readers. 
We created a direct communication channel, including storytelling about new places, travel adventures, and testimonials from clients, shifting the page from a purely commercial one (offering discounts) to a vibrant travelling portal. 

We managed to increase their visibility in ratios they couldn't imagine and in tiny budgets, through daily active Facebook and Instagram pages!

One of the primary examples is how we generated engagement using the EVO ad optimizer platform in minimal budgets per day.  
Every post we have created has been promoted through this technology daily, for 3 days, targeting to increase the reach and engagement rates in the long term.

The results are not only impressive but also they also create the needed consistency for such a leading brand, supporting their need to maintain their positive sentiment among current and future clients 

We applied the EVO technologies: 

case study b2b


Our client, a software company with cybersecurity services, has contacted EVO to manage their social media channels while entering three EU countries.
Since their social media was not active in the last years, their first goal was to create their visibility (reach), awareness, engagement, and traffic to their website.

The EVO strategy team created a strategic plan, including an exciting content plan that also matched the potential target audience that can be found on Facebook (and not only on LinkedIn!)

The plan included direct posting about cybersecurity and software services, along with soft posting (quotes, memes, professional tips, etc.) bringing a sense of community and triggering engagement from the potential target audience.
Our target audience for this company was based on – Project Managers, company owners, security managers, and IT managers from across industries in the UK, Ireland, and Germany.

Once we started to post, we could easily track which were the posts that brought better visibility and engagement using the Evo Real-time reporting & monitoring tools.
Applying our EVO ads optimizer software created the impressive results you can clearly see:

Before, we could only have a few likes based on organic results, while with the technologies, we managed to trigger hundreds of people who engaged -  as seen on the left: a post that has been online for 3 days, and the same post after operating with the EVO Ads Optimizer Platform (AOP) for only a few days having 464 likes!

The budget for this client - 10 Euro/day!

We applied the EVO technologies: 
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case study b2b

brand awareness &  employer branding

In a challenging market, a multinational market-leading railway cargo company wanted to create a large community that targets future workers (wagon drivers) and current workers (for retention needs).

Through a daily active Facebook page, we managed to create a vibrant community of happy and proud workers showcasing their loyalty to the brand, while also helping with the recruitment efforts.


The engagement activity is supporting the complete reputation of the company in a very competitive and narrow domain.

They manage to differentiate their brand, increase the positive sentiment, and trigger the interest of several stakeholders (employers, HR partners, management team, and more).

We applied the EVO technologies: 


case study b2C


A unique factory that produces vegan, natural cosmetics, and sanitizing products, wanted to extend its visibility among the desired audience and increase sales.

Through a series of intensive campaigns, we managed to significantly increase the visibility of the company with over 1m impressions that contributed directly to growth within their sales.

The campaigns were focused not only on direct sales and generating traffic towards the website, but also on the long-term educational elements related to the added value of the company's products.

We applied the EVO technologies: 
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case study b2c


A multinational bank created an exceptional product together with a psychological risk analysis tool.


EVO was chosen to launch a unique assessment tool within the market and generate first-time quality leads that would be eligible to receive fast credit.


The target: 100 leads to complete the credit questionnaire within 1-2 weeks.

The budget: > 10 Euro per lead

The results were astonishing!

700 leads - 85% above the target!

2 lei per lead! - Reduction of 96% of the dedicated budget.

We applied the EVO technologies: 
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case study medical b2b


A global company in the medical domain, for which we manage more than 7 countries around the world. 

On a daily level, we are in charge of building social media awareness and communication with doctors, clinics, and distributors around the world. We manage the daily social media content, strategy, growing engagement, and global online/offline events.


Last March we started to promote a series of online webinars using our unique event promotion technology. During the following 3 months, we generated 1000 leads (doctors) from more than 7 countries attending/hosting weekly webinars, building the infrastructure to join their network!

We applied the EVO technologies: 


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case study b2b engagement

A client in the POS domain (Payment terminals) requested to achieve a higher social media followers' engagement on his Facebook page – he simply wanted to have more likes and create a starting point for building a target audience of engaged followers.

“Likes” can be achieved when the post is creating interest (by using great content, as we do through our SMM services). Still, it must also be addressed to the right target market that can show the relevant interest.

We analysed the target market through our software and Artificial Intelligence tool, creating a direct target market that would bring results.

The results - as seen on the left: a post that has been online for three days, and the same post after operating with the EVO Ads Optimizer Platform (AOP) for only a few days.

We applied the EVO technologies: