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Gain a deeper insight about your Company, Products and Brand

Brand Monitoring

Our Artificial intelligence crawlers and data collection software will collect real-time data, all over the web, about your brand and its online activity.


The unique technology offers you to track “real time” your brand’s online sentiment and other valuable information that will allow you to address certain urgent issues, related to your brand and solve them on the spot in a variety of solutions.

Brand monitoring is an essential element for any company in any size!

  • Find out where and when your clients are talking about you and your services

  • Answer promptly to any questions potential clients are asking over the net

  • React immediately to negative sentiment in case of a negative review

  • Amplify the voice of happy clients and reply them via social media or other channels when they mention your brand 


Start monitoring your Brand

24/7 brand monitoring is essential to your brand 
Monitoring real time the actual performance is an essential element in the success of your brand
Great monitoring, using EVO technologies will help you in optimizing the performance each and every month in order to achieve greater results  
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We maintain a rigorous process and sharp focus on what matters, to assure your success

Increase Reviews

Recover unhappy Clients

Monitor performance

Amplify happy Clients

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Get much more positive reviews for your business and in the best media channels that matters to you.

Reach unhappy clients before they submit online a negative review on your business. Have an ability to recover them.

Collect important data to optimize your campaigns and media appearance

Show to the public your best reviews and recommendations made by your clients with fully automated process

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