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EVO Positive Review Booster increases your positive REAL reviews and reduces the visibility of the negative ones.

Reviews are more than just words on a page. They are detailed assessments of your business and how to improve it.
They are the voice of your customers.

Positive reviews are the marketing tool of the future.
Keeping positive reviews will top up your business, increase your clientele and create an impressive impact for new clients.

EVO positive review booster increases your positive REAL reviews and reduce the visibility of the negative ones.

We give you the ability to acquire, monitor and amplify positive customer reviews and provide an easy and polite way to ask and remind customers to review your business on sites that really matter to you,

at the same time, unhappy clients will be dealt with internally, allowing you to resolve the matter and avoid negative reviews.


The case study presented is a real experience of one of our clients'

BWFR is a large and vibrant business community.


They hold events 2 times per months and apply the EVO positive review system in their activities.


After each and every event they are sending a request for review.

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Take a glimpse of our technologies:
EVO ads optimizer platform.png

EVO Ads Optimizer Platform® (AOP)

EVO AOP® brings you the future in advertising performance, perfects your content and keywords and drives traffic to your site, blog or video, developing your client base and creating higher conversion rates.

EVO leads generator.png

EVO Leads Generator®

EVO’s Artificial Intelligence leads generator tool will bring your product or service directly to your target audience at the right times and provide you with high quality leads.

EVO positive review.png

EVO Positive Reviews Booster®

EVO positive review booster increases your positive REAL reviews and reduces the visibility of the negative ones.

EVO events booster.png

EVO event booster

A special hybrid technology that optimizes the exposure of your event directly towards your target audiences, triggering interest, generating registrations and ticket sales, then re-targeting your participants to future events!

EVO remarketing generator.png

EVO Remarketing Generator®

Statistics show that potential clients view specific ads 4 to 6 times before they make the step and purchase, and for that reason, our technology makes sure to support this process wisely and to increase your sales.

EVO online reputation.png

EVO Online Reputation Management® (ORM)

Continuously analyzing the web (24/7), providing you with the complete overview of your brand reputation hazards and the ability to overcome them.

EVO content booster.png

EVO Content Booster®

EVO Content Booster continuously defines leading keywords and marketing trends all over the net within your domain of activity and implements them within the presented content.

EVO PPC management tool.png

EVO PPC Management tool®

Our AdWords management software is built on superior analysis algorithms and by using it to its full potential, it can help you construct a stellar PPC advertising campaign.

EVO real-time reports.png

EVO Real-time Reports & Analytic tool®

Our Report & Analytics platform runs all the time, providing us with updates of progress, in real time, to refine your objectives and perfect your operations.

EVO 360 employer branding.png

EVO 360° Employer Branding®

Our 360° Employer Branding® system, tackle directly the required motivations of your target audience and employees through all to right online media channels. 

EVO candidates generator.png

Evo Candidates Generator

EVO’s Artificial Intelligence candidate generator tool will bring your company and open positions directly in front of your target audience at the best points of time and provide you with high-quality candidates.

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