Online Reputation management Process 

Increase visibility, improve positive sentiment, diminish negative opinion, remove unflattering content and increase affirmative content 

How do we do that?

Online Reputation management projects differ to several types: 


Creating wise content and publish it in well-chosen places online. By that we suppress the negative or just push them down.

Removal from the Source

The content is removed directly from the website, normally as part of a negotiation. This type of process is straightforward and not covered in the process below – Contact us for more details.

Removal from Search engine Results

Removal from search engine results like Google, Bing and Yahoo, but not from the source, in De-indexing methodology.

Start managing your reputation today

EVO ORM process in 5 Stages:

#1 Online reputation Research

EVO Online reputation management campaign starts with a thorough research analysis on the project “subject” (Company or a person).
The research is done through our internal online reputation management diagnostic software, which allow us to scan the web with endless factors and to achieve the most in-depth research analysis.

We use specialized, own proprietary software, which is one of the leading ORM detection software worldwide, developed in Israel​.

#2 Development

Based on the thorough research analysis we have conducted, an operational plan will be developed according to the findings and needs.

As part of the plan we shall develop the strategy and the tools needed to accomplish the online reputation management task.

The plan shall include sometime the development of supportive instruments as: Blogs, Social Media profiles, business directory listings, image sharing profiles, video profiles and others​.

#3 Content

Repeating activity!

Content creation is one of the most important pieces of the online reputation management services process. It’s the foundation of every successful campaign.

We understand your brand, services and products and aware to the online reputation challenges, EVO experts brainstorm along with the usage of technological and analysis instruments, creating the exact content that appeal to the right people who may consume your content.

Then, we lay out a content plan for your approval and feedback. The content plan will accumulate all the targets and requirements we wish to achieve.

EVO will help you develop a wide range of appropriate content types that will cover all your online reputation management needs​.

#4 Publishing

Repeating activity!

We create a publishing methodology operations that keeps your reputation management data running on time.

This schedules content publication across many of your content channels, from posts on owned websites and blogs to articles on third-party sites and deployment to high-traffic news aggregators. We often use a combination of manual and automatic publishing systems.

Throughout the Publishing process we continue to analyze the web with our state of the art technologies, to detect new “threats” of bad reputation data so we can manipulate our direction to achieve maximization of the process.

#5 Promotion

Repeating activity!  

There is no reason to publish comprehensive content and if no one sees it…

Alongside great content, promotion is key to the internet reputation management process.

To streamline promotion, we divide your content and targets into three groups:

  • Owned promotion - Reach out to the reader base on properties you own, including your blog and personal website, using new and existing tools like email lists and SEO.

  • Earned promotion - We use social media and to solicit comments, feedback, shares and links to created content, whether by asking directly or by creating engaging content that naturally draws these forms of promotion.

  • Paid promotion - Done in the right way, paid promotion can have high ROI. Powerful forms include guest posts on relevant, high-traffic websites and blogs, sponsored content on high-traffic media websites and paid search campaigns​.

Continuous Analysis 

Throughout the process we continue to analyze the web with our state of the art technologies, to detect new “threats” of bad reputation data so we can manipulate our direction to achieve maximization of the process.

Further to that we analyze our operations repeatedly, and if needed, changing the way the social media, content marketing and SEO program is focused the work results will improve.


The operation of an experienced online reputation management services company and your commitment to improve your online image won’t produce changes overnight. ORM is a long game, with a rough process marked by victories both large and small.

Our trusted services and actionable results have helped many companies along the years: