EVO Lead Generation Services

Outsourcing solution for B2B / B2C Leads generation

EVO multi-channel leads generation services is designed to bring you directly in front your target audience at the best points of time - when they showed interest in your firm and are ready to listen to what you have to offer.

Through a fully customized sales circle, we can target your audience, working with existing lists, or developing new ones for you.


As we are a part of a full service marketing agency, we combine the online and offline channels in a synergistic way that provide you with different channels to generate leads to your business

Want to start generating Leads ? 

Throughout the years we managed to work successfully with all kinds of industries & business domains, targeting both B2B and B2C clients.
The lead generation process is complex as it combines several elements in order to increase the lead quality and optimized the final results – an actual sale!

The EVO lead generation services focus on 4 elements:

  1. Every client and every company require a unique strategy, targets and action plan. Our lead generation expert will allocate the exact solution to fit your goals and support you as well with gather know how to choose wisely your targets.

  2. Outsourcing the lead generation campaign requires a high level of liability and professionalism. We create high standards similar to the ones will be performed by your employees.

  3. The dynamic elements of each campaign allow us to modify it in accordance to the actual results.

  4. We monitor and document every call & email within the CRM system, in order to continually optimize the results of each campaign and provide our clients with the most accurate results for a great continuation.

How does is work ?

Each lead generation campaign contains some or all the following elements seen in the below leads cycle:

Why do you need EVO Lead Generation Services?
  1. Expertise services bring better results and increase the quality of leads 

  2. Your sales force can focus on the meeting itself instead of the meeting creations 

  3. Outsourcing the department saves time & money 

  4. Increasing the motivation of your sales force and reduce personnel changeover 

  5. Everybody wants to have leads, but most of the company’s don’t know how to do that

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