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EVO Food Delivery Sales Generator®

Do you have a restaurant or a food business and want to successfully and quickly join the online delivery market?  

Want to create a leverage position on your competitors?

We boost your food deliveries by bringing you the right clients
ALL day, EVERY day!

EVO Food Delivery Sales Generator®

A specially dedicated full service & technology for restaurant and food businesses

Online food delivery –

Meteoric demand Vs. Huge competition
what is your leverage? 

The popularity of online food ordering is on a meteoric rise. The turbulent health situation with the coronavirus, the tight schedule at work or home and the constant need for food, require the consumers to have a solution to online food ordering. 


The new business situation in the restaurants, event-halls and hospitality markets created a problematic challenge for those companies, as they find themselves without any ability to generate sales.
The reality quickly forced many of them to develop a highly needed solution for growing demand – food delivery! 
It seems that in the upcoming period without having a functional delivery service, many of them will no longer be able to exist, and therefore a transformation is needed, however, a proper set of actions will create an enormous opportunity to continue and expand the company, producing high-long revenues, even after the crisis is over.


Follow the global EU trend:

“More than 60% of consumers order food delivery or takeout once a week!.”


  1. Do you offer tasty and unique food daily?

  2. Have you managed to create a delivery infrastructure? Through your couriers or a 3rd party company?

  3. Do you have a website and a Facebook/Instagram page?


If you answered YES, ask yourself: why isn’t it working? Why aren’t you selling enough?  CAN I SELL MORE?

By now, you know for sure, that having great food and the ability to make deliveries is only the first step in the process, as you find yourself surrounded with tens of other online delivery businesses and you must stand out and leverage yourself so you can be seen and reach your target clients and have more sales.

This is where MCBA-EVO and the power of our EVO FOOD DELIVERY Sales Generator® are entering the process, enabling you to reach more clients and increase your sales!

EVO FOOD DELIVERY Sales Generator® is a full-service solution, backed with an exclusive advanced marketing solution, focusing only on boosting your online branding and delivery stream for B2B /B2C clients.

Among our clients you can find:

  • Fast food (all kinds)

  • Restaurants of all kinds

  • Chef restaurants

  • Brasseries & Bistros

  • Catering services

  • Events hall

  • Coffee shops

  • Bakeries

  • Hotels

  • Home cooking food

And many more…

How can EVO Food Delivery Sales Generator® boost your online presence and standout your market advantages?

Or in simple words…


Food Delivery Sales Generator® can boost your sales?




We maintain a very accurate working flow process that calibrates your online presence and online strategy. Through a sophisticated automation process and advanced technologies that take care of 360° of your sales activities and makes sure that we achieve your sales targets.

Our advanced technologies and our expert are affecting every stage of the process:


Calibrate your Online presence & online sales strategy

Not every food delivery sales platform (website or Facebook page) can be promoted and it is important to make sure that some important elements are kept within the process. Choosing the right keywords, unique visual elements, attractive content description of the dish… and many more factors that are presented online and allow us to maximize your success and sell more!
EVO Technologies used in the process – in this process we use our professional content writers in
creating attractive content along with analyzing the target audience data.  In the process, we use our internal technologies, EVO Content boosterEVO AOP and other technological elements to perfect your online sales process.



We define together with you, who is your target audience? What ages, gender, location, interests… And many more factors, all to maximize the advertising process only to your target audience and to save you money!
In EVO, we are not just doing marketing! We bring your menu and products directly in front of the people that you wish to reach as well in your specific target area while avoiding clients who are not in your target audience to see it.
This process enormously affects and decreases your needed market budget.

EVO Technologies used in the process – we operate several unique marketing tools, developed by our software division, located in Israel. Defining the right audience is a delicate work, done by combining several technologies in different stages: EVO AOP®, EVO Remarketing Generator®


Online Marketing process 

In a completely automated process, your online food delivery service will reach the relevant platforms that your target audience is using. Our system will “ignite the sparkle” and make your audience interested in your online food deliveries calling them for action in a continuous process, even when they are moving to a different site.

EVO Technologies used in the process: in this process, we activate several systems for data analysis, so we can make the operation more efficient in the next stage. Beside other management tools and our EVO Real-Time Reports And Analytic Tool® we use as well, EVO AOP®, EVO Remarketing Generator®, and EVO lead generator ®


Sales/food delivery Orders Generation

the entire process is done in order to reach the final target, having quality orders and boosting your sales.
This stage is the peak of our performance process, where we accumulate all the data that was achieved in the entire process along with your target audience and transform into quality Leads generation.
This process is done only based on technology and automation services, working for you 24/7.

EVO Technologies used in the process: our state of the art EVO lead generator®, using as well our new dedicated tool EVO FOOD DELIVERY Sales Generator®


Positive reviews 

As we believe in long term continued sales process, we already know from experience that new leads will become buyers after they check your product, especially its online reviews.

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business! So it is essential to keep positive reviews of happy clients.

EVO Technologies used in the process: EVO Positive Review Booster®, increases your positive REAL reviews and reduces the visibility of the negative ones.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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some of our creative work...

Scaling up your Online sales potential, MCBA- EVO creates you with valuable benefits: 

  1. Calibrate your online presence & online sales strategy – let our professional and technological tools to prepare your business to stand out from the competitors.

  2. Define an accurate target audience - target your exact audience, age, location, and many other factors... Lower your marketing budgets, but at the same time, increase your sales.

  3. Continuous automated marketing – through an enhanced automated marketing process, engage with your exact target audience and continually remind them about your services.

  4. Sales/food delivery Generation – start to get online orders from your target audience in your target locations. Reach your targets.

  5. Brand awareness & development - Positive reviews and client recommendations through the EVO Positive Review Booster, creating endless recommendations for your business.

And… Continuous Sales!

Let’s talk about your targets, budgets and specific needs so we can customize the right solutions and package for your company?

Our trusted services and actionable results have helped many companies along the years:

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