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Getting ready for IDS 2023

How to boost the visitor's experience, bring more people to your stand and generate more quality leads

Dental Equipment

This unique guide will help you prepare better the strategy for a knocking IDS 2023 experience as well as the required steps for the entire cycle  - before, during, and after the exhibition, while the targets remain clear – increasing your visibility among thousands of other brands and competitors and of course the ultimate goals: generating great leads and prospect.

IDS 2023
is considered one of the strongest and most attractive events for the dental industry. Even though the last one was slightly affected by the corona issues (in terms of visitors, quality leads, and ROI in general), we do anticipate that the upcoming IDS will bring back many companies from the dental industries as well visitors from all over the world.

Dentist Chair
Image by Patrick Reichboth
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The IDS 2023 guide includes step-by-step info and important tips that generate results: 

Building your IDS 2023 strategy and KPIs

Standing out with your company stand


When and how to start your marketing activity for IDS 2023

Building and boosting your brand visibility before IDS 2023

How to increase the quality of visitors streams to your stand

How to optimize your teams & KOL’s works during IDS 2023

How to generate leads from IDS 2023 – before, during, and after

Squeeze this lemon – how to maximize your marketing activity after IDS 2023

*Offer is limited*

Behind this guide:

Osnat Peled

Managing partner of MCBA EVO,

With a vast portfolio of hundreds of companies, she has been working with, for the last 20 years, while helping them optimize and perfect their marketing results.

Osnat is a part of Mentor Capital Holdings and currently serves as the managing partner of MCBA EVO, the leading social media and marketing management company for the dental industry.

EVO focuses on helping dental companies reach their target audience –dentist, GP’s, partners, and distributors- by using special Israeli technologies. The company has offices in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Bucharest.

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MCBA EVO’s experts are operating on all social media channels, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

We identify the right operational steps for your company to reach its targets. 


Check out how we are doing that and leading the dental industry with Evo technologies!

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