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EVO - SMM® for Hospitality market

Social media offers hotels an opportunity to build their guest relationships and improve the online image of the hotel. Building your Hospitality Brand will generate leads and get you more customers.


EVO - SMM® for Real Estate

Promoting your Real Estate services & products is not an easy task but is an essential one, to strengthen even more the trust among potential and new clients, it increases your visibility, without falling behind your competitors that are operating rigorously.


EVO - SMM® for Restaurants

The popularity of online food ordering is on a meteoric rise. EVO Sales/food delivery Generator will increase your online orders from your target audience in your target locations. Reach your targets.

EVO Food Delivery Sales Generator®


EVO - SMM® for iT & Software market

The software industry is one of the largest and most innovative in the world. You dream of becoming a tech titan or enhance your visibility? Then start using social media analytics to boost sales, strengthen relationships with partners and create compelling campaigns!


EVO - SMM® for Retail & E-commerce

Retailers are expected to have the most to benefit from social media marketing. It’s the best way to create engagement with the right audience, at the right time through great content and some tech-savvy help from EVO.

RETAIL & E-commerce

EVO - SMM® for B2B

89% of business sellers said that social media has started to directly affect their sales. In 2020, social media is all about lead generation and a total game-changer for B2B.


EVO - SMM® for Healthcare

Modern lives are going online and the healthcare and the medical industry are no exception, with “more than 80% of Internet users, have searched for a health-related topic online!” As a doctor, manufacturer or distributor, promoting your healthcare services is essential to stay relevant in your field.


EVO - SMM® for Automotive

“90% of new vehicle buyers who used social media in their decision process feel that it influenced their decision.” Social media is the perfect place to advocate for your product, while directing it in front of a specific audience.


EVO - SMM® for Corporations

73% of corporations achieve more growth through a third-party social media marketer. EVO technologies are currently used by 57 corporations, worldwide, and can help you enter new markets and build a stronger brand, boost visibility and generate sales.

EVO SMM for Corporations.


EVO - SMM® for Financial Services

Promoting your financial services and products is essential for any financial provider so it can increase visibility, strengthen the trust among potential and new clients, recruit new partners and stay relevant while increasing their market share without falling behind your competitors.


EVO - SMM® for Home Services

Your presence in the Social media has become one of the most effective way to reach your customers and boost your sales. An average person spends 2.7 hours each day using social media and consuming online all his data and needs, including home services


EVO - SMM® for Personal Services

With more than two billion people active worldwide, social media is the perfect arena for B2C: allows community engagement, creates brand visibility and promotes the products to specific target audiences.


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