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Discover IDS: The rapid advancements in digital dentistry with TRI Dental Implants

Digital dentistry's rapid and innovative advancements are exemplified by the unique dental implant, that can be restored without an abutment.

Up next in the Dental Trends series, we have an exciting conversation with Tobias Richter, the CEO and Founder of TRI Dental Implants, a Swiss leading company in the digital dentistry implant domain. We had an enlightening discussion on the advantages of digital implants and how technology will revolutionize the dental industry.

About TRI Dental Implants

TRI Dental Implants is a Swiss leading company and global provider in the digital dentistry implant domain and for digital implant solutions. The goal of TRI Dental Implants is to use technology to benefit patients worldwide.

If you want to follow our journey in digital dentistry follow us on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube


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