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How to building your social media Strategy - IT & Software Company

Whether your company sells software to private consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B), in today’s internet-driven world, it’s mandatory to have an important presence on social media.

EVO social media experts have gathered the 3 most important tips and guidelines that must be considered when building a strategy for managing your IT & software social media:

# 1: Define Your Marketing Goals

Social media is a wonderful communication channel that is given free of charge for the usage of any business. The challenge starts exactly here, as before deciding what to post, copy-writing, and leads, you must first decide what your real targets are. Targets can be added and modified also later on throughout your social media development, however, from the beginning, you need to think which one of the following elements can best describe your target:

  • Social media as a sales platform – Do I want to create leads out of my social media activity?

  • What kind of leads do I wish to have via social media (B2B / B2C)?

  • Do I wish to use social media for HR purposes (recruiting)?

  • Am I interested to increase the positive reviews of my clients/ target audience on social media (to correct or increase the positive sentiment)?

  • Do I wish to sell tickets to events within the social media platform?

These are only some of the elements to be taken into consideration, from our former and current experience, IT companies usually combine 1-3 elements from this list. However, it is mandatory to understand right from the start whether the social media will be used for sales or only for HR/employer branding in order to tackle the target in the correct way (for example – to create to pages for each target).

#2: Who is Your Target Audience?

Following your marketing goals established the first step, the next most important task is to think who your REAL audience is.

In many of the cases, companies find it very hard to establish a clear “persona” about their typical client, however, this profiling will help you in building the right vibe, tone, daily posting strategy, and actually each and every step from now on.

General factors to help you succeed in this task:

  • Define the geographical location of your audience (countries and cities)

  • Define also who you DO NOT wish to attract as clients (it will help your campaigns later on)

  • Define any type of sociodemographic element you can imagine – age, gender, income…

  • Try defining, via your own experience and current clients/target audience, what would be the daily agenda of your typical target - what they read, what they like to do, what are they interested in… any kind of info that could help you

  • Define a short list of social media pages your target audience is following

#3: Choose Your Social Media Channels

Choosing your social media channels is the best integration between the 2 tips we’ve just described above!

IT companies usually choose more than one social media channel exactly because they combine several targets and sales goals. Here are some goals which can integrate an IT company’s needs by using 3 social media channels:

LinkedIn – a B2B platform, can serve your IT Company in:

  • PR & BRANDING – Sharing news about recent development

  • HR – Attracting new candidates

  • SALES – Promoting the page and product to potential leads, investors, affiliates, etc. (via the LinkedIn platform)

Facebook – supports both your B2B and B2C needs:

  • PR & BRANDING – great posts will increase engagement among your target audience, along with their interaction with your brand (via likes, comments, and sharing)

  • SALES & Leads – Facebook is a great tool for lead generation using sponsor ads and several incorporated features that are aiming to increase traffic to your website and generate quality leads.

  • HR – Attracting new candidates, increasing your employer branding – both can be achieved usually by having a dedicated Facebook page for this purpose.

  • Application promotion – Facebook developed several features for promoting an app within their platform, another tool that can support your needs to promote your application for the targeted group.

  • Positive Reviews – The Facebook review feature can create miracles for your company and products! Clients and workers who see others positive reviews about your services will have an extra motivation and trust to try your services as well! Keeping a high positive review rate is one of the main keys here, you can read more about how to generate more positive reviews here.

Instagram – can help mostly your B2C targets but can also support some of your B2B needs. Instagram is growing in power, it is rather mandatory in case your audience is based on the target that is using this channel but it requires specific know how to get their attention!

  • PR & BRANDING – great posts using the “insta vibe” will increase engagement among your target audience, along with their interaction with your brand (via likes, comments, and sharing). The power of influencers is also one of the factors that can help you towards gaining awareness within your target audience.

  • SALES & Leads – Instagram developed as well several features to help you advertise your services and products for a specific target audience via sponsor ad’s

Are you ready to start promoting your software company via social media?

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us – Our dedicated social media team of experts will be more than happy to help your IT Company in all the social media platforms and meet your company goals.


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