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I am so tired

When you have a business to manage, it becomes quite hard to correctly manage the social media channels. I often encounter these 2 cases:

Case # 1 - Company owners who manage their social media on their own, besides all the other tasks a business is requiring every day. They lack the know-how, time, and energy to manage their social media channels, even when they know how important it is!

When company owners manage their own social media, we usually see they forget to post, and when they do post it's all done in a rush, with a lot of commercial messages (that usually do not attract the audience to follow and engage...) and too many technical elements. Graphic design skills are absent so they use generic pictures that lead to a poor performance wonder they often have doubts if social media works at all.

Case #2 - Marketing managers/ PR managers are allocated to manage social media. This is among the millions of tasks they are required to do. In so many cases we meet great marketers with a true talent for copywriting and a passion to make social media successful, but the lack of skills & know-how is quickly reducing their appetite.

Social media management requires great content, weekly consistent posting, designing skil

ls, replying to chat and monitoring walls, writing articles, then promoting them, technical skills, great know-how in managing sponsored ads, and full control over all the social media elements ...How can just one person do that (while also handling PR, marketing, and other tasks that need to be done?) No wonder so many of you are tired...Because managing your social media is not only quite a hard task but often not even the effort is truly appreciated.

If you feel these descriptions are about you, I invite you to check how we, at EVO, are helping companies, exactly like yours, by taking full A-Z management of your social media.

How is this working? You can read here all that's included - easy & simple! You have all you need without any "small letter"/tiny references - find out more here

and I’ll be glad to talk and offer more info on our guaranteed KPI.


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