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Discover IDS: The future of digital dentistry with Edelweiss

What does the future of digital dentistry look like?

If you would ask the tooth what it would love to have on top of it, it would say Edelweiss. – Dr. Stephan Lampl

Continuing the Dental Trends series, we have an interesting interview from IDS 2023 with Dr. Stephan Lampl, CEO and Founder of Edelweiss Dentistry, a top distributor in modern dental materials, and Dr. Marco Tudts, Digital Dentistry KOL. We had an insightful discussion on the future of digital dentistry and the changes that will happen in the dental domain, as well as how it will help dental professionals improve patient outcomes.

About Edelweiss

Edelweiss Dentistry is a top distributor of modern dental materials with a team driven by inspiration and technical know-how that produces innovative solutions. The quality of Edelweiss dental products transforms them into an investment in the future while having the well-being of the patient as the main goal.

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