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Maximize Your ROI at IDS 2023: Proven Strategies for Dental Professionals (Chapter 1)

Part 1: Is it too early to get ready?

The most significant dental exhibition, IDS, is around the corner and it will take place this year, on 14 March 2023, in Cologne, Germany. More than 160,000 visitors along with 2000 exhibitors are expected.

2000 exhibitors?!!! You may think that that is great competition, (and you are correct!). This raises several relevant questions:

  • What's the best way to get the greatest ROI (return on investment)?

  • How can I optimize my visibility during this exhibition?

  • What can I do to get more quality leads?

As a marketing specialist focusing significantly on the dental industry, I believe all these questions lead to a single answer – digital marketing.

With a digital marketing strategy, planning, smart technologies, and advertising tools, you can find answers to the three questions mentioned above and even more.

To do that, start NOW and get ready for IDS 2023. By creating comprehensive long-term plans that will cover not only what is happening DURING the IDS event itself, but also your strategy BEFORE, and AFTER, you can discover the marketing actions that need to be taken to optimize the outcome of this event.

Doing that will be beneficial for you in the long run (yes, an event can act as a strategy for the coming years as well!)

Getting the most promising ROI (return on the investment) from IDS.

When we talk about an event of the size of IDS, we know that some companies will invest 100-200K euros or even more.

Calculating an ROI directly out of that number is indeed challenging. This is why it is essential to squeeze the lemon and see how we can get a substantial ROI in the short- and long run.

IDS (as with any significant event) should generate leads WHILE it is happening, but also help you with your brand visibility and sales BEFORE and AFTER the actual event. Here, your social media can play a huge role by increasing your visibility and generating leads at all times.

A great social media team will be able to optimize all the steps needed to get the greatest ROI for IDS 2023. I summarized some of the actions we usually take and are already applying for our clients, and that are valid for the upcoming IDS as well:

Social media actions to apply Before the IDS 2023 - starting today

  • Save the date posts;

  • Promoting the KOLs that will join the event;

  • Sharing invitation videos from the senior managers who encourage dentists to come;

  • Promoting workshops that you will organize during the event;

  • A lead generation campaign to enroll dentists’ to meet with your team;

  • Preparing a video corner to collect testimonials from visitors – this will help us later on with the AFTER posts and you can use those videos all year.

Want to learn how to optimize your booth’s success during the event?

Stay tuned for my next article

If you have any comments, notes, or other ideas, please share them in the comments or on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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