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Maximize Your Success at IDS 2023: Proven Strategies for Optimizing Your Outcomes During the Event

Part 2: How can I optimize our booth’s success DURING the event?

We are getting ready for IDS, one of the most important dental events of the year, taking place on the 14th of March 2023, in Cologne, Germany. I will also be attending to offer guidance to some of our leading dental clients.

Since we know that IDS is such a costly event, we are looking for creative ways to increase its benefits and hopefully create a decent ROI (return on investment) for this event.

While the IDS organizers promise to bring more than 160,000 visitors along with 2000 exhibitors, we know the challenge is to gather as many visitors as possible to your booth and convert them into leads.

I'm not going to talk about the basics…like:

  • Cleverly choosing the location of your stand;

  • Bringing great KOLs and other attractions;

  • Having an on-spot mechanism to collect lead details.

  • And of course, having great coffee and free snacks for your visitors…dentists also like gifts; we know so from experience :)

Those are not topics that worry us as marketing digital experts, but we mark them under the “good to have” category. I can tell you that some of my clients do not have great budgets for the best-located booths, nor the biggest ones (sometimes their coffee is not that amazing either…). However, they still want to achieve results for this investment and return satisfied with good leads.

Now we can focus on how social media marketing can help you DURING the event as well.

Using AI technologies to help with classical booth marketing

No, you do not need to have the biggest or fanciest stand to achieve good visibility for your company. We can also get the help several marketing technologies and tools to optimize the streams of quality visitors to your booth:

  • Social media campaigns during the event days promoted by sponsored ads;

  • AI-based campaigns with a location focus to target the event visitors and expose them to your social media posts or via a private message;

  • Sharing stories and live updates from the event, and promoting them aggressively – this will communicate to your followers, even to those who didn't come, that your booth was successful (and create a FOMO effect).

P.S. My team and I will be at IDS 2023, guiding our dental clients with the strategies mentioned in this article. So if you see us, say HI!

I’d also like to surprise you! The strategies on the list above do not require huge budgets. With great copywriting and small optimized budgets, there are many possibilities to reach your targets, but it is very important to get ready on time and have a social media presence beforehand.

Your social media channels can really work in your favor exactly in these essential moments. For that, you need to have them updated all year round and not only during the event. Your target audience needs to be exposed to your content before IDS and engage with any material shared.

Want to learn how to generate more leads after IDS is over?

Stay tuned for my next article - Maximize Your Reach: Proven Strategies for Generating Leads After IDS 2023 (chapter 3)

If you have any comments, notes, or other ideas, please share them in the comments or on our social media channels:Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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