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Discover IDS: Importance of high-quality dental ratchets with Bächler Feintech/Klingel Medical Group

How quality ratchets can benefit the dental practice workflow?

In today’s interview in the Dental Trends series, we have Peter Dury, the Operation Manager at Klingel, one of the top leading manufacturers of metal medical technology, and Manuel Kalmbach, Head of Sales at Bachler, a modern Swiss precision engineering company. We discussed the latest trends in the ratchet field and the importance of high-quality ratches in dental practice.

About Klingel and Bachler

Klingel is one of the top leading manufacturers of metal medical technology products. They specialize in manufacturing high-precision components of the best quality and aesthetics.

Bachler is a modern Swiss company specializing in the precision mechanical manufacturing of surgical instruments, implants, and components.

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