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Discover IDS: Meet your digital twin with Modjaw

Did you know that it was possible to meet your digital twin with the help of state-of-the-art dental technologies?

Next in our Dental Trends series, we have a delightful introduction to the digital dentistry world with Zulfizar Kholbaeva, the Strategic Development, Marketing & Communication Manager at Modjaw, a medtech company that specializes in jaw morphodynamics data, and Marianne Belcari, the Global Head of Marketing & Innovation. We conversed about the major trends in digital dentistry, the use of digital tools, and how it enhances the workflow in the dental practice.

About Modjaw

Modjaw is a French company that specializes in jaw morphodynamics data, marketing an all-in-one platform where real-time jaw motion and dynamic occlusion of the patients are available without X-rays.

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