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Discover IDS: Robotic syringes in the dental anesthesia domain with Juvaplus

Can a frightening dental procedure, such as dental anesthesia, become less stressful for the patient and easier to handle by dental professionals?

Today’s interview from our Dental Trends series follows an intriguing discussion with Rétif Pascal, Head of Sales at Juvaplus, a leading medical company that focuses on developing and manufacturing innovative robotic syringes. We talked about what the future looks like in the dental anesthesia domain and how this procedure can improve to better benefit both the patients and the clinicians.

About Juvaplus

Juvaplus is a Swiss leading innovative company specializing in the aesthetic medicine, dental and ophthalmology markets.

If you want to follow our journey in digital dentistry follow us on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.


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