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Unleash the Power of Vision: How to Transform Your Company's Vision into Great Social Media?

World Vision Day, celebrated on the 14th of January is an excellent opportunity to talk about something extremely important, your company’s vision, and even more: how to correctly express your vision through your social media channels.

What’s so cool about your vision? Well, actually, visions are not so cool…sometimes they are a little bit boring or only interesting to the company’s founder and management. However, we need them!

A vision delivers meaning and purpose and it can help people understand WHY to choose you from a sea of competitors. It sets your brand apart from the others and is a big motivator behind consumer behavior.

Now that we’ve established visions are important, we are left with another important question: HOW to clearly express your company's vision and deliver its key messages on social media? You need to find your voice and a team of social media experts can be that voice for you. They can effectively deliver your key messages and your “why” to the world out there and they can do it in an authentic and convincing way.

Let’s unleash your vision into social media in a few steps:

So, what is the best method to deliver your VISION and how will you achieve that with a social media team? Here is how the process unfolds:

Step 1 – getting to know your company. Let’s dive into your roots and history!

First, the social media team needs to get to know you very well and be very close to your brand.

Usually, the first step in creating a social media professional strategy is to have a discussion with the CEO, the founders, the management, and the visionary behind the company. There will likely be more than one meeting so that the SSM team can learn in as much detail as possible about the key messages you want to deliver to the world.

The better they know you, the better your message is delivered!

Step 2 – define the top 5-7 key messages and vision guidelines.

Following a comprehensive strategy meeting, we recommend building a clear and short list of the key messages that serve your company.

This will help put things in perspective, and establish clear goals so that you are on the same page with the SMM team.

I advise focusing on 5-7 key guidelines because too many of them can be confusing to the reader.

Step 3 – let’s share the vision on your social media with great engaging posts.

Once the vision is clearly established, the marketing experts can start to think about how to distribute these messages on social media.

Social media channels offer a free stage where we can deliver any kind of message. There are 2 main ways to do that:

The Direct way – simply stating your goals, your ideas, and what you stand for. For example:

o Get the best service today

o Leading the market for 40 years

o Find us in 55 countries around the globe


The Indirect way – expressing your vision through storytelling, testimonials, inspirational posts, news, and interviews with employees.

Any marketing expert knows that the indirect way is the best one. People are sensitive to any kind of marketing manipulation applied to them, so it’s better to express any idea by telling a story authentically and presenting it as a good company.

I gathered some major tips to help you achieve that:

  • It’s important to make a list of the key messages and make sure to use only one key message per post. This strategy will avoid causing confusion for the target audience.

  • Too many messages expressed all at once can seem too aggressive and are hard to understand.

  • Throughout a month, the social media team can deliver multiple key messages, spread them apart, and deliver them in unique ways so that the ideas do not seem repetitive.

  • Slowly but surely, all messages will come across and tell a beautiful and coherent story without being too overwhelming for customers or potential clients.

Once you crafted a alluring vision and converted it into great posts, don’t forget to also promote them to your target audience since only 1-3% of it will see them organically on Facebook and Instagram.

We also use special technologies to get even greater results. Read more on our case studies.

Times change and so do visions!

Once the social media strategy is ready and working efficiently, your team of marketing experts will still need to adapt it from time to time.

Remember that key messages are dynamic! They need to be updated according to the market changes, your company’s changes, the trends that are most popular at a given moment, and the times that we are navigating as a society.

We need to understand where the market is going. Of course, these changes won’t be frequent – it is not something to be done on a daily basis – but it’s something to take into consideration. We always need to be on the lookout for the next big trends and how the market responds to different circumstances.

I hope you took some valuable ideas about how a social media team can help you express your vision and why it is so important for your brand to do so!

If you have any comments, notes, or other ideas, please share them in the comments or on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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