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The biggest mistake multinational companies make on social media

What happens when you have several markets you wish to enter too via your social media?

Today I’d like to share with you some interesting stories I come across every single month by interacting with our clients, great companies around the world. I often meet companies who either seek to start a global activity and enter a new market (in more than one country) or companies with activities in several locations around the globe, saying - I am a multinational company – in which language should I post?

I’ve noticed that there is one BIG challenge they all have in common: they don’t know how to optimize their social media and in which language to communicate with their target audience.

English for the Germans? BIG mistake! A company in the healthcare sector that I’ve recently met is seeking to enter the German market. Their Facebook page is managed in English, so what chances do they have if they’d like to succeed in penetrating the German market? We know based on our experience that the German audience (even doctors) prefers reading content in German, which means that in order to optimize their access, visibility, and lead generation, their content MUST be done in German.

But is it only about the language? Not really! It's also about the local culture

, jokes, weather, special days, holidays, vibe and other millions of elements that great social media writers must be aware of. What happens in Germany in October? The Oktoberfest is taking place! So let’s engage our local audience by generating buzz around that! This is only one example, for one market.

But what happens when you have five markets you wish to enter?

We at EVO have developed several solutions for this case and I am glad to share them with you: Solution # 1 – operating the global page, in English, creating and curating content, while promoting it for the best results with our exclusive technologies. Simultaneously, we can operate the local pages by using our local writers. We offer services in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Russian and more!

This solution offers a discounted option since the content is created one time for the global page and adapted to the local needs, while we also add some local posts to fit better the unique local audience.

Solution # 2 - operating the global page, in English and promoting chosen local posts in their language. This is not an optimal solution. However, it’s a cost-effective one that can help you build your audience and check their interest prior to making a larger investment.

So, no more excuses! You can rule the world now and enter as many markets as you’d like to by using our skilled local team writers and our amazing technologies that will bring your products and services to any point around the globe


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