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Maximize Your Reach: Proven Strategies for Generating Leads After IDS 2023 (chapter 3)

Part 3 - How can we get more leads AFTER the event?

”Osi, we want leads”, I can say this is the most common sentence I always hear from clients.

Of course, we all love leads; leads are the heart of any business, and even more so in the dental business: having a clear stream of dental leads can completely improve your business.

It is not surprising one of the main reasons for dental companies to join mega events such as IDS 2023 is getting leads, but it shouldn't be the only one. Gaining brand awareness and visibility, talking to potential and existing clients, and professional networking are also important targets that can be fulfilled.

We are getting ready for IDS, one of the most important dental events of the year. With a target to host 160k visitors and 2000+ companies, it will happen on the 14th of March 2023, in Cologne, Germany. (I am also going. Will you be there? If yes, let’s meet!)

In my last 2 articles about IDS 2023, I shared important tricks and secrets about optimizing your ROI and getting more visibility before and during the event.

BUT… we are here for leads! (yeah, I know that)

Lead generation campaigns can be managed all year-round to get leads for several needs, such as:

  • Webinar or workshops registration;

  • Enjoying a promotional offer;

  • Downloading info (such as dental CAD/CAM libraries);

  • Getting a free sample (e.g., a free dental implant);

  • And many more.

When we have an event such as IDS, we can amplify the opportunities to new potential clients and generate leads based on them all year-round.

Here are some golden tips based on actual experience from the previous years I'm glad to share with you:

  • Use videos for the next 12 months! Creating a winning video (or even several videos) can help us produce content for the entire year. In addition, these videos can be promoted monthly with a small dedicated budget and they will create the impression of IDS repeating again and again! This will amplify the buzz around the event.

  • Expose your leads to your social media – If you generate leads from the visitors of the event, we can strengthen their interest via social media by using smart retargeting tools for the dental industry, since the goal is to make them clients and not only leads. This will be an essential step for growth and ROI optimization.

  • Duplicate the leads – by using unique AI technologies, we can find leads similar to the ones already generated and target them in any country – this tool can leverage any kind of database created during the event and help you generate more and more leads.

Lead generation campaigns take place online, via your social media channels, and are realized based on your target audience's specifications. They usually run as a lead-generating marketing funnel which can be used for any other event, any time of the year.

An example of such a funnel that is leveraging IDS can be found on our Get Ready for IDS 2023 GUIDE – if you work for a dental company, you can download it for free.

I hope you took some ideas from my articles and you are now getting ready for IDS 2023 with full power!

If you have any comments, notes, or other ideas, please share them in the comments or on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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